February 2019

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Using Creativity to Spice Things Up: Make Your Dining Room Appear Bigger in 10 Easy Steps

Making a small room appear more spacious than it really is one of the most common requests that interior designers face. So, what is the answer to the question? Well, in most cases it is all about...

How to Successfully Move Into a Larger Space?

Living in a smaller space can be a real challenge. You have to fit everything in the available space. Sometimes you need to cut down your cravings to buy new things only because of the availability of limited space in your home. If you get the opportunity to shift to a larger space that can be a real bliss for you.

Important Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or sin city, as termed by many, is a city that every individual wish to visit in his or her lifetime. The movie scenes shot at this iconic city makes one’s heart skip a bit whenever a chance to visit presents itself. Vegas is among the favorite cities around the world. The exciting fun over there is one that you can never exhaust with a 48-hour trip. The conventional architectural designs are one that will leave your mouth wide open. Not forgetting the busy nightlife, the clubs there never disappoint.

Coldharbour Tiles: Luxury Meets Sustainability

The chicest trend in interior design today is all about sustainability. Luckily, living more harmoniously with nature no longer means design and luxury must be sacrificed. Environmentally conscious brands are now offering more sustainable products and designs, allowing you to create the home of your dreams while incorporating your values of sustainable living.

CBD Infiltrates The Beauty Market

Most of us would never have thought that CBD could infiltrate the beauty market. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the perfect candidate for a beauty product.

Walk in Style: 2019 Best Adidas Shoes for Men

Love Adidas? You are in the market for some new kicks in 2019? You won't want to miss the best Adidas shoes for men

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods That Actually Work

Most people are affected with teeth problems, especially when they become yellow. Although everybody tries to avoid such instance by using the approved toothpaste, they do not know that some natural home remedies can solve the same problem. But why do teeth become yellow? Our hygiene and the foods we eat determines the nature of our teeth's white sparkle. Once the outer layer of the teeth is stained, i.e. enamel, or there exists a plaque build-up on the teeth, they can cause them to look yellow.

Top Trends For This Season

Spring has sprung, and it is time to clean out your closet to make room for these seven hot trends to follow. Every day is one step closer to summer, so let the shopping for warm weather begin!

Make Your Child’s Bedroom Pop with These Simple Ideas

Your child’s bedroom is the most fun room in the house. It’s full of toys, games, and books designed to entice growing minds. However, does the roo, have any character? Kids are fickle. Any design that appeals to your child one day might

Basics How To Be Comfortable On Your Computer Desk

It does not matter whether you are working from the convenience of your residence or are based in your office. Chances are, you devote a considerable amount of your time at the computer desk. Bearing this in mind, it is imperative for you to make the desk area comfy and also motivating. Apart from performing lots of workouts, it will likewise offer the best type of cushions, lighting, and chairs so that you can have an interesting working experience. In the following paragraphs, we have talked about the basics of making your computer desk as comfy as possible.

Jim Watkins and His Love Affair with Del Mar

A dreamer, a visionary, Jim Watkins has left lasting footprints in Del Mar for more than 50 years. Known locally for creating L’Auberge Resort Hotel and Spa, Jim Watkins also developed nine resorts along the California Coast. He was the first to develop a vacation ownership resort in California. His company, Winners Circle Resorts International was the leading vacation ownership resort developer nationwide in the 80s.

8 Ways You Can Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy

You need to watch out for buildups of plaque or tartar, halitosis, or dental caries. Taking care of your smile will give you the confidence boost you need when you are dealing with anyone, plus no one likes to talk to someone with a bad breath. So how do we maintain the health of our teeth and mouth?