Figuring Out Where To Start When You Want To Build Your Dream Home

Photo by Green Chameleon

From planning your budget all the way to the final walk-through, having your own house custom-built can be quite the journey. A lot of research is necessary in order to ensure that every board and brick is placed where it should be. Construction takes a lot of work. However, by simply having a plan in place and working with an honest builder, the process can go a lot smoother and can be an interesting experience. Seeing your home get built from the ground up can be very exciting. Having a clear image in mind of what it should look like is important.

Figuring Out The Budget

Planning your budget is, of course, the first thing that you will have to consider before you make any plans and before any foundation is poured. Think about how complex the construction process is going to be and figure out how much money you’ll need and whether you’ll need a loan or not. If you do, then learn how much money you qualify for.

While getting your dream home built might be a priority for you, if you don’t have the budget for it, you may have to wait, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your idea. Instead, simply save up more money in order to see it properly built to the end and also learn of ways that you can save money in the building process (such as using recycled materials). Moreover, keep in mind that there might be additional costs that you didn’t figure into your budget, which means that you should have enough money to build the house and then some. You don’t want to run out of money in the middle of construction or be broke after the thing is finished.

The Plan

Of course, you can’t start building a house without a house plan. Thankfully, since you already have an idea of what things should look like, this shouldn’t be a difficult process. Sites such as offer a large variety of house plans, satisfying every individual's personal preference. Depending on how things fit your taste, you can either use the plan itself and get the building process started or make adjustments in case you have something specific in mind.

Choosing your lot is also an integral part of the process. Soil condition and building codes are just a couple of factors that play into making your dream house a reality, as the house will need to be customized in order to fit the lot. A crew will take care of the site preparation and the foundation work, which implies clearing the place of rocks and trees, and digging holes.

The Construction

Once your budget is in good shape, you have the plan ready, and the lot is prepared, all that’s left is the actual construction process. You will have to select a builder or a contractor, who will then assemble the team that he needs in order to get the project done. Try to ask yourself how involved you will be in the whole process and choose a builder that can work with you in case you decide to be the project manager. Negotiate a contract with the builder and keep in mind that you should keep things as detailed as possible. It's important for workers to know the materials that should be used or if you have a nontraditional way of building your dream house. (Note: If any change occurs in the plan, you should make sure that everyone is informed so that you’re all on the same page).

Depending on where you are building your new house, there might be certain inspections that you’ll need to go through. A city inspector might visit the site in order to ensure that the foundation components are installed properly and are up to code. Later on, the rough framing, electrical system, plumbing system, and mechanical system will be inspected as well in order to check for compliance with the building codes.

While the process of building your home from start to finish implies hard work, it can also be an exciting time. It’s important to decide if you can handle the stress and if you want to be involved in every step of the way or if you want to step back after figuring out all the details that should go into it.