Find the Best Tuxedo for Your Body

Find the Best Tuxedo for Your Body

Calvin Klein Tuxedos

With San Diego’s year-round wedding season and plethora of high-end events, keeping a perfectly tailored tux on hand is essential. A proper fitting tux gives a true gentleman an unrivaled level of sex appeal reminiscent of Rick Blaine and James Bond. Whether you’re a groom, the best man or a spectator sitting in the pews, looking sharp in a tuxedo is an absolute must. Take pride in your appearance and avoid ill-fitting tuxedos at your next wedding or luxury event.

Large-scale retail locations such as Men’s Wearhouse or the high-end Nordstrom offer an endless selection of quality jackets and neckties, including products made by Vera Wang, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. The benefit of purchasing a tuxedo at a large retail location are the endless options and convenience—Nordstrom and Men’s Wearhouse both offer a lifetime seams guarantee (meaning each seam can be altered hundreds of times over the lifetime of the tuxedo). Big chains are also great for wedding parties because they can ensure that all groomsmen look uniform and well put-together. And, with a Men’s Wearhouse or Nordstrom in almost every county, any quick, last-minute changes can be easily completed, such as fixing a split seam or replacing a lost tie.

That being said, according to Nordstrom fitting specialist Dmitri Vujic, the biggest mistake a man can make with tuxedos is not taking the time to be properly fitted. “You have so many guys that come in last minute expecting to walk away with the perfect-fitting tuxedo,” says Vujic. “There’s an art to this, and it’s important to give yourself time to try different options to see what will fit your body best and make sure everything is tailored to your specific measurements.”

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In a lot of ways, purchasing a new tuxedo is similar to purchasing a wedding dress—you need to shop around, try a number of options and make sure you spend a little extra money to get the apparel properly fitted. If you’re a hesitant to commit, an overwhelming large-scale retail store will probably serve to only daze and confuse; small boutique shops instead will often offer an individualized experience. For example, GSB Men’s Clothier in Rancho Santa Fe offers made-to-measure tuxedos, custom-made shirts and styling/ fitting appointments. GSB offers multiple fitting and styling options for their clients, including private home or office appointments. According to owner Gary Sanfir, GSB’s flexibility is designed with one person in mind: the client. “Advice from a tailor can go a long way to helping shape a client’s own fashion tastes and preferences,” Sanfir says. “It is very important that customers feel confident about the way they look in their attire. Part of a tailor’s job is to instill this confidence.”

The actual purchasing of such an expensive, high-end product can be daunting for many men, and it’s for that reason the tuxedo industry is suffering. Acknowledges Vujic, “Tuxedo sales are down. People would rather rent than buy.” With the high cost of a tuxedo—a Hugo Boss tux from Nordstrom can initially cost just over $1,000 without fittings or accessories—it’s understandable that renting formal wear is a booming business. Most tuxedo rentals cost approximately $200, and the process is straightforward: after meeting with a fitting specialist, the rental company takes some measurements and has the tuxedo ready for pickup within days.

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Yet rented tuxedos don’t carry the same magic as a purchased tuxedo. The chest fits a little looser than it should, the sleeves are perhaps awkwardly pinned instead of stitched. Maybe the inseam rides too low or the jacket lapels don’t lie flat. Whatever the flaw—and there’s always a flaw with a rented tuxedo—it pales in comparison to the stylish perfection of a tuxedo tailored to fit your every curve.

Yes, purchasing a tuxedo is an intimidating, often laborious task. Men should begin shopping for their ideal fit well before they need the tuxedo, and lengthy fittings should not be neglected. But at the end of the long process, a true gentleman will walk away with something stunning, something that fits like it was handmade especially for your body. From a family wedding to a black-tie gala, a well-fitted tuxedo can last half a decade or more—so why would anyone rent? 

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