Finding the Right Fence: Boost Home Value & Curb Appeal

2019-11-29 10:00 AM

When it comes to your home, every single detail matters. As a homeowner, you want to accomplish many goals. You want to create a home that looks visually appealing from every angle. Part of getting any home in the best possible shape is being mindful of what is going to work in your home as part of the landscape. 

It's also knowing what is going to add value and help your entire property be more functional. One specific structure that has understandably received a great deal of attention is fencing. Fencing offers a great many benefits for any homeowner.

It's a great way to preserve your privacy, protect your kids and pets and make your home look even better. So, if you’re “on the fence” about a fence, keep in mind that a quality parameter can provide a 50% ROI.

Fencing Options & ROI

If you are thinking about installing a fence on your property, it's imperative to think about the kind of fencing materials available. In many areas, chain link fencing is commonly seen. This choice can be deeply practical. However, it may not be the best choice for most people. 

Chain link fencing does not offer privacy. It can be hard to maintain and easily damaged. Many people do not find it aesthetically pleasing either. This is one form of fencing that is perhaps better left largely to areas not openly visible.

Fences that are made of vinyl, wrought iron, and concrete generally yield a much better ROI and allow you to put something unique on the ground of your property. If you are considering fencing for your home, these materials offer far more versatile applications. 

Wood is very pleasing to the eyes. It's a natural material that blends in well with the rest of your landscaping. However, it doesn’t have a long lifetime, and can rot if not properly maintained. While vinyl and iron fencing come at a higher cost, they’re lower maintenance and more likely to appeal to future buyers. 

A fence in an interesting design crafted from bent metal can be lovely and allow you to put your personal stamp on the property at the same time. Make sure to choose a fence that matches the overall architectural style of your home.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an important factor when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. A fence can be a crucial part of making your home attractive. The fence can help by extending the look you want for your home into all areas of your property. 

Think about the most pleasing aspects of your home that you like best. You might have shutters that bring in a contrasting color against the rest of the space. Your fence can reflect this quality. Fencing can be extremely appealing when it is chosen carefully. When it comes to using in them in your home to help build value, make sure they are part of an organic whole. 

If you have dark blue details against a lighter background, the use of fencing can help bring those colors to the front and backyard and making them look even better in the process.

Family-Friendly Feel

Safety is another quality that a fence can bring in to your as it helps increase property values. Small children need careful supervision. A fence can provide that extra layer of safety parents need. When the homeowner puts a fence up, they are sending the message that all areas of the property provide any family with the peace of mind they need. 

For parents with young kids in search of a new home, a home with a well-chosen fence is more attractive as it is clear the prior homeowner has made it safe for them and all members of their family.

The same is true of pets. Many homeowners appreciate having a place where their pet can truly let off steam without wandering off. Any loyal dog owner will find a house with a fully fenced-in yard a huge plus.

Providing Privacy

Privacy is part of the joys of owning a home. Fences offer this privacy. When people put up a fence, they may also be blocking out an unattractive view and creating a haven from the world at the same time. A city homeowner can create a small corner of total privacy from millions of neighbors. 

The suburban owner can turn their large property into their own delightful personal forest land. Putting up a properly chosen fence creates privacy, protects children and pets, appeals to many buyers, and catches the eye of passersby.