Five Key Design Features of the Modern Office

Gone are the days of monotonous office blocks with uniform cubicles and gray gloom. For company owners everywhere, office design is becoming more important in the development of business and brand.

These days, brands find themselves in fierce competition with one another, not only in their market, but in finding the right talent for their business. A well-designed office is key in promoting staff productivity, collaboration and brand appeal to potential employees.

So, what should the modern office look like?

The Space Game

Regardless of the size of the office, introducing an open plan layout is guaranteed to make the most of what space you have and create a better environment for your team.

Removing partitions and cubicles and introducing good lighting is a great way to remove any feelings of stuffiness or being closed off. Open plan working allows for better team chemistry, working relationships and, most importantly, collaboration.

As for where you do need separation in the office, glass partitioning provides an up-to-date solution that maximizes natural lighting.

Mood Boosters

In an ever more mental health conscious world, businesses are investing in more recreational space for their employees to both relax and work in, in the hopes of improving overall wellbeing and boosting productivity.

Homely break spaces, comfy collaboration areas and sit and stand spaces are just a few examples of areas offices are introducing to get the most from their users. These sorts of relaxed settings and changes of scenery are great to enhance creativity in the workspace.

Going Green

A prominent feature now, as well as one for the future, offices will be increasing their focus on natural, sustainable working environments over the next decade.

For one, introducing plants, natural features and even office pets have been shown to create better working atmospheres and boost employee mood, therefore increasing productivity.

Furthermore, with the eco-conscious workforce of Generation Z beginning to enter the office space, more and more employees will prioritise a company’s sustainability profile as a key factor when it comes to potentially joining. Thus, going green is a future business essential for talent attraction and retention.

The Internet of Things

The rise of the IoT, or smart-tech, in day-to-day life is exponential, and the utilisation of it in business is no different.

A modern business be should using the likes of cloud technology to optimize office efficiency, save on energy and universally connect the workforce, regardless of where they are in the world.

In design terms, expect to see smart-tech scattered around the office, beginning with basics like smart-lighting and heating and moving towards the use of things like AI and augmented reality in the future.

Neat & Tidy

If anything, you might expect the office to be on the way to a wireless existence, but with the increasing requirements of tech-movements like the IoT, there’s still plenty of cables, wires and servers needed to power it all.

To align with the clean, futuristic look of the modern office, businesses are looking to keep as clutter free as possible. Companies like RS Components are providing various cable storage solutions for businesses looking to organise their workspace as neatly as possible.

With the office environment having an impact on staff acquisition, retention and productivity, it’s no wonder businesses are going out of their way to make better workspaces for their staff.