Flawless Bedroom Features

Home Design and Bedroom Features

Beautiful Home Design Features

Your bedroom is your respite, so it should be perfect for you. These features, no matter how small, add flair to a bedroom in need. Implement these secrets and live in the lap of luxury all year ‘round.

Drawers Under the Bed 

Need a secret place to stash that late-night chocolate? Or maybe you ran out of room in your closet, but can't bear to part with anything? Drawers under your bed can house anything from clothes to movies (or snacks). It frees up space so you can say goodbye to clutter.


Nothing says romance like gazing up into the night sky and seeing the twinkling stars, and then looking into your partner's twinkling eyes. Skylights not only help boost romance, they are also energy efficient, eliminating the need for overhead lights in the room during the day. What better way to help minimize costs and get cozy under the stars? You can also watch storms from the comfort of the covers or find shapes in the clouds.

Dimmable Lighting

Dimmable lighting is a must-have for a master bedroom. It helps improve romance and lower electricity costs. Set the mood with the settings of the switch.

Invisible Bookshelves

Invisible bookshelves are simply strategically placed mini-platforms where a small pile of books can rest. A small number of books is perfect, because the books will appear to float in midair, and it is important that the weight of the books is not substantial enough to harm the wall.

Stylish Seating

Stylish seating, such as a bench at the end of the bed, adds to the appearance of the room. Adding an antique trunk to the end of the bed provides another unique storage location or a decorative feature in your bedroom. Be the star of your classic bedroom with one of these traditional touches.

A Luxurious Bedspread

A room is only as nice as the bedspread. Always make the bed and drape your fanciest bedspread over the top with matching pillow cases. 

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