5 Foods Japanese Eat To Stay Healthy


Japanese are some of the people who for a long time have upheld their cultural heritage. Both the Japanese and the Chinese have come a long way as far as traditions are concerned and actually, they still hold them in high regard. This may explain why they thrive very well in the world. It is not astonishing to see a 105-year-old Japanese lady who still goes on with her day to day activities. To have such a strong body means that you have to have fed pretty well. This means that they really don’t do junk. The secret to a long healthy life is eating well, rest enough and exercise. Here are five Japanese foods that you can eat to stay healthy


1. Sashimi

This is basically seafood in its purest form. Sashimi is simply made of seafood such as salmon, tuna or any other fish that you have then sliced into very thin pieces. It is served raw and has very high nutrient content and very low fat. If anything this should be a worldwide food. It explains why these people will never have to struggle with cholesterol issues.

2. Seaweed

Seaweed might not be the food of your dreams, chicken will probably do it for you, but it is what your body really needs. The Japanese have had this culture of including seaweed in almost each of their dishes. Seaweed actually has high vitamin levels such as B12 and it effectively deals with high blood pressure.

3. Matcha Organic tea

This is not a very strange concept to the world but most people don’t really try it out despite its numerous health benefits. Cuppa tea has completely organic tea with high nutrient content, and zero genetic modification used. This tea is very good for detox and in melting of fat. An amazing thing about this tea is that they have given it to you in any flavor that you want. Green tea is actually also used as a relaxation and meditation technique. Green tea is only a click away from you at your all-time favorite shopping mall, Amazon.

4. Tofu

What says Japanese more than Tofu. This is a unique tasting food which is very sweet and highly nutritious. It has a very high protein capacity and yet a very low calories capacity. Having a package of sweetness and health all in one bite is really what the world should be striving to all get. Tofu can be served with almost any dish there is so there is no need to worry on how to take it

5. Shiitake mushroom

Japanese mushroom is however a very unique kind of mushroom both in its growth and preparation. It is highly nutritious and has very high protein levels. However it has almost zero calories in it. It also helps in regulating both the calories level in your body but also in lowering the blood pressure levels.