Foods to Feed Babies from 8 to 12 Months Old


Babies at the age of 8-12 months become picky eaters. They may not have a big interest in food, get easily distracted, and refuse to be spoon-fed. But it is the stage that you should not give up on them and patiently feed them fruits, veggies, baby cereal, etc.that contain nutrients essential to their growth. 

At this age, you should prepare what they call “stage 2” baby food. Stage 2 baby foods refer to baby foods that are more textured and thick. Some parents define it as chunky baby foods. These foods should be suitable for babies who have already mastered basic purees and can already swallow them with ease. 

How to Know If Your Kid is Ready for Stage 2 Baby Foods

Every baby is different, so there is no particular time or age that can be considered ready for stage 2 baby food. However, some signs indicate the baby is ready to explore new and exciting food. First, notice if only a little or no food comes out of their mouth while eating because it means they can already swallow effectively. The ability to sit well in a high chair can also be an indication that the baby is ready for chunkier food. 

Choosing the Right Stage 2 Baby Food

Just because you think your baby is ready for “chunkier” foods does not mean you can already feed them anything. There are still some foods that should not be given to babies aged 8-12 months. These foods include, but not limited to, hot dogs, nuts, chunks of meat, popcorn, raw veggies, hard fruits, and anything that may cause allergic reactions. Instead, feed them healthy solid foods.


Before giving the baby a combination of fruits, try giving him or her several fruits and see whether or not there is an allergic reaction. If there is none, you are free to provide different kinds of fruits including bananas, avocado, apricots, apples, peaches, cherries, mangoes, pears, persimmons, papaya, cranberries, figs, blueberries, etc. But make sure you don’t feed the baby hard fruit.

Stage 2 Baby Cereal

Grains that you may consider include amaranth, buckwheat, pasta, rice, barley, flax, oats, wheat, etc. You can mix any of them but make sure your baby isn’t allergic to them. There are also stage 2 baby cereal available in the market that you can grab but make sure to check the ingredients and ensure they are organic and there are no preservatives or artificial minerals or vitamins included. 


Some of the vegetables you can feed your baby include acorn squash, broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, eggplants, green beans, sweet potatoes, summer squash, and cauliflower. Make sure the veggies are soft-cooked. 

Protein and Dairy

An egg yolk omelet would be great. You can also try giving the baby some fish, pork, beef, chicken, or tofu but make sure they are cooked. You can chop those protein sources into small soft bits. For dairy, try cottage cheese, cheddars, or jack. Stay away from soft cheese, though.

When your baby is ready for stage 2 foods, don’t be afraid to explore and introduce new and exciting flavors to your little angel. But make sure that the food you feed them is healthy for them.