From Family Blogger to Fashion Designer

Interview with Rachel Parcell about her Pink Peonies Blog and new fashion line!

Pink Peonies' Rachel Parcell

What began as a simple blog back in 2010 has blossomed into what is now a very successful business for the beautiful Rachel Parcell. Initially, the blog was meant to keep in touch with her family and friends during her first year of marriage to her husband Drew, but before she knew it she was drawing more attention to her site. Soon after, popular fashion icons were reaching out to her and eventually began paying her for endorsing their products. Today, her blog Pink Peonies is a multi-million-dollar company. The content focuses primarily on fashion, with other fun subjects thrown in such as home décor, beauty, and family life. 

In May of last year, inspired by the success of the fashion side of her blog and a lifelong dream, Rachel successfully started her own clothing line, the Rachel Parcell collection. Her line features clothes that are timeless, feminine, versatile, unique, and tailored to her blog’s audience. By tailoring her clothes to the followers of her blog, Rachel has created her own platform for selling her clothes. In September, her adorable fall collection hit her site and she will soon be releasing her holiday collection as well. Something her fans (myself included) are all looking forward to.Pink Peonies Rachel Parcell

I had the immense pleasure of getting in touch with the lovely Rachel and having some of my questions answered. We sat down to find out how this talented blogger, fashion expert, fashion designer, and mother of two (Isla, 2 and Jackson, 1) does it all while being the very definition of fabulous:   


I’d like to start by saying that I love your blog, follow your Instagram, and your adorable fashion line. Would you start by explaining to our readers how you took a blog, initially meant for your family and friends, and transformed it into a diverse blog with a focus on fashion?

I originally started my blog to document my life as a newlywed. It was more of a life journal for my family and friends to follow. Not long after I started my blog, our wedding was featured on the cover of Utah Valley Brides Magazine and that’s when I started seeing more and more traffic on my little space of the internet. My wedding photos were being pinned (and repinned) and I started receiving fashion questions from women all over the country. They were more interested in what top I was wearing or what shade of lipstick I had on than what my husband and I were doing that weekend. That’s really what sparked the idea to change my focus and make Pink Peonies more of a fashion blog.


Pink Peonies

Will you tell our readers where the name “Pink Peonies” came from?

Pink has always been my favorite color and peonies are one of my favorite flowers. So, I put the two together to create “Pink Peonies” and it stuck!


For young girls inspired by your blog and wanting to blog themselves, what would be your one piece of advice?

It may sound cliché, but “be yourself.” In this competitive world, we live in, it’s important to try not to compare ourselves and to just be content with ourselves and the life we have.


What made you decide to take your fashion blog to the next level by starting your own clothing line?

I always knew I wanted a clothing line of my own—it has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. When I launched my blog I never would have dreamed it would have grown so fast and so large, but when it did I knew it would be the perfect platform to help launch my childhood dream of having a clothing line, now I had built-in customers.


How do you find time to balance your work as a full-time blogger & fashion designer with your work as a mother?

Rachel Parcell and daughter

I’ve worked out a schedule where I keep all my work projects, meetings, and photo shoots on the same days every week so that when I’m home I can actually be home and focus on being with my children, rather than trying to multitask. I make time to work so I can focus and get it done. I start every morning with a workout (or a run) with my neighborhood  girlfriends then come home, get my babies up, and make breakfast. Then I get ready for either a photo shoot for the blog or a shoot for my clothing line. Afterward, I have meetings (and more meetings), brand conference calls, scheduling calls, and planning upcoming projects and collaborations with my team.


Do you have any tips for other parents trying to balance personal life with multiple work projects? What are some of your personal tips for time management?

Balancing work life and personal life can be a struggle. I don’t have a typical 9-5 job and so much of it, especially when it comes to blogging, is my everyday life. I’m constantly brainstorming and creating new content for my audience. It’s something I love and am truly passionate about so getting out of “work-mode” is difficult sometimes, but try to remember what’s most important and take breaks and time for yourself. You’ll be happier and more effective!


What are your plans for your clothing line in the future?

We recently launched all our fall styles for Rachel Parcell Inc. and are looking forward to releasing our holiday collection as well! Right now, my amazing team and I are working hard to roll out our designs for next summer and fall. It’s crazy how far ahead you have to plan when creating and founding a clothing line. But we are excited for what the future holds!