From "Mean Girls" to Killer Cakes

The Gloves Are Off in "Cake Wars: Champs," Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett, Host of "Cake Wars: Champs"


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Who is Jonathan Bennett? Ask any millennial, and they’ll tell you his hair looks sexy pushed back, that he made out with both Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan and that he’ll never forget the date October 3rd. But the former Mean Girls actor—who played love interest Aaron Samuels in the 2004 classic teen film—is much more than a childhood heartthrob. Charming, confident and unabashedly genuine, Bennett has a face you can trust and a comforting grin. A talented actor, host and dancer—thanks to a turn on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars—it seems there’s nothing Bennett can’t do… except maybe drive in Los Angeles. During our interview with the alluring star, Bennett somehow turned the wrong way down a one-way street (“That’s what happens when you use your iPhone while driving,” he quipped). Yet as horns honked in the background, Bennett stayed calm, narrating the experience with a riotous glee (“We’re going to do okay, guys! We’re going to be fine!”). No matter the challenge, Jonathan Bennett carries charisma and a good-natured attitude—perhaps that’s why Bennett was a natural as the host of Cake Wars and Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.

Currently, Bennett can be found every Sunday at 10 p.m. hosting the Food Network’s new show Cake Wars: Champs. The spinoff series takes champions of the original Cake Wars and pits them against each other in a vicious fight for dominance. With unusual weekly themes (including Marvel’s Avengers, Disney Princesses and Dr. Seuss), Cake Wars: Champs is an intense six week series filled with decadent, mouthwatering cakes and a knock-out fight for $10,000. As the new series continues to thrive on the Food Network, FINE Magazine spoke with Jonathan Bennett about his experience with Mean Girls fans, Cake Wars: Champs and his frustration with 2017 music.

Jonathan Bennett Mean Girls

You’re best-known for playing Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls. How often do fans quote Mean Girls to you?
Every day. Literally every single day for the past twelve years. I mean, there were a few days when I was sick and hadn’t left the house—[then] I didn’t hear it. But chances are, if I leave the house, someone says something.

Do you get it a lot on social media?
Look at my Instagram [bio] @jonathandbennett. I got [Mean Girls] references so much that I had to change my [bio] to “I get it, my hair looks sexy pushed back.”

Currently, you’re the host of the Food Network’s Cake Wars and Cupcake Wars. How did you get that job?
After doing Dancing with the Stars, I realized that I really enjoyed doing the reality side [of the business] as well as acting. Cake Wars came along, and the [producers] wanted to know if I liked cake. I said, “Sure, it’s delicious.” They called me up, so I went in and met with them. It just kind of came about… Fun fact, I’ve never made a cake in my life.

Really? You can’t bake at all?
Nada. I don’t bake, have never baked… But I’m really good at eating baked goods. My job is to make funny jokes and keep the show going. And my jokes aren’t even that funny. But for some reason, it works.