Biggest Myths Surrounding Casino Comps

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One of the biggest advantages of gambling online is compensation. Sure, land-based casinos offer a number of free enticing offers like free drinks, live entertainment, or even free food, but it is the online providers that are in a prime position to offer more. Not only can they offer players the ability to play a number of free online games, but they can offer no signup bonuses as well as other enticing rewards. That being said, most players really don’t even have a vague understanding as to how casinos award comps. Most players know that playing longer and making larger bets will get them more comps, but they do not know the exact methods that are used to determine the comps they will receive. It is this lack of knowledge that is responsible for the building of a number of myths.


Playing More To Get Better Comps


Most gamblers know that they can play longer to get better comps. In fact, a lot of online players will usually end up spending more money and playing longer than they intended just to achieve the next tier bonus. For instance, if a player has gambled long enough to get a free buffet and learns that he will be gifted a free hotel stay for a little longer play the gambler will continue to blindly play. Earning a great comp like a free hotel stay is something that is hard to pass up, but you have to look at how much money you are spending. If you totaled your losses, you would probably discover that you could have paid for your own hotel room and had money left over.


Play Games With A Higher House Edge To Get Better Comps


A lot of casinos like togel Singapore will factor in the game’s house edge when considering the player’s comps. The theory is that a player is that facing a larger house advantage will most likely lose, so the casino provider really isn’t losing anything by offering out cheaper rewards. Some players will take this to heart and only play the games that offer bigger comps. Sure, you might end up walking away with more comps at the end of the day or night, but just look at all the extra money that you spent earning those comps. You could have probably bought everything that you earned out of pocket for cheaper.


Signing Up Just To Get Bonuse


Online casinos use comps and sing up bonuses to attract new customers and keep older ones coming back. There is nothing wrong with this as it is just a way that online providers do business these days. Of course, you can’t just go around signing up for casinos based on the bonuses and comps. In fact, if you see an offering that is too good to be true then it more than likely is. Some online casinos aren’t regulated or even certified, so you have to be careful where you are putting your money. Once you have invested your money with that casino, you are not going to be able to get it back.