Garden Tools! Everything you need, to have a beautiful Garden!

13 Basic tools that will help you tackle most gardening jobs!


If your backyard is your pride and joy, and your home’s curb appeal is the envy of all your neighbors, you know that a beautiful yard doesn’t take care of itself.

Here we make it easy to find the perfect landscaping tool to tackle any size yard by carrying a large selection of lawn and garden hand tools.

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From shovels to rakes, to shears and pruners, everything you need to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space is right here for your convenience.

Keep your yard healthy and happy to help beautify your outdoor oasis. These 13 basic tools will help you tackle most gardening jobs. Let’s start, now!


There are many kinds of gloves for gardening.

Here we show you the X-Large Utility gloves that are lightweight, breathable construction for all-day comfort.

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Padded knuckles and palm, designed for protection and impact.

Synthetic leather palm provides durable protection!


Forks and spades have shafts of different lengths and materials.

Metal shafts are stronger than wood, and maybe plastic-covered.

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Border spades and forks have slightly smaller heads, making them easy to handle and useful for light work!

  1. RAKES

A rake can be used to level soil or to clear the ground.

Clear lawns of leaves thatch using a spring-tined rake.

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Rakes can be used also for decorating your beautiful garden!


A hand fork and trowel are indispensable for weeding, planting your plants and bulbs, and small digging jobs.

Hand fork is ideal for heavy clay soils. Small tools are easily mislaid in the garden; look for those with brightly colored handles that can be spotted easily.


You can also paint tools with wooden handles to make them more conspicuous!


Pruners are essential for many cutting jobs, choose a pair with a safety catch and crossover blades.

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With the right pruners, you can cut flowers, branches of trees etc…

Try it before you buy, to make sure they feel right. Find out which scissors and pruners. There are also electric pruners, like the pole pruners, are for trimming trees. As you can see Pruners are multi-use!


A Dutch hoe is invaluable when it comes to clearing a large area of weeds.

The long handle helps to avoid a backache, which is often a consequence of weeding.

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A Dutch hoe is a must-have tool for having a beautiful garden!


A pruning saw is useful for cutting small branches; the blade folds away on some types, but one with a fixed blade is a better choice, if you have

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lots of scrubs. There are electric pruning saws!


Shears are used for trimming long grass and small hedges, and for cutting back herbaceous perennials.

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Before buying be sure they are light enough for you to use!



If you have grass in your yard, a lawn mower is a must-have.

Choose one that is the right size for the lawn and will fit into a storage shed, when it is not in use.

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The lawnmower must be a part of your garden if you have long grass to cut!


Don’t skimp on vital garden tools; look for a lightweight, high-quality hose that will be easy to carry and will last for years and years.

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Always choose the right garden hose for your garden needs!



A wheelbarrow or garden cart makes it easy to haul everything form rolls of soil to mulch, to your fall pumpkin harvest.

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A wheelbarrow is also a must-have in any beautiful garden!


This lightweight multi-use knife can be used for dividing and transplanting perennials, weeding, digging and more.

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Keep it with you durng light garden maintenance to get chores done without pulling out the entire tool kit!


Loppers help you prune branches and suckers that are too thick for regular pruners.


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Look for long-handled types to reach tall branches with ease!



Nothing sets off garden beds, like a nice, crisp edge.

Edgers create dramatic lines where the lawn meets walkway.

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And beds are used much like a spade!


15) SAWS

These are probably the most used tool when it comes to pruning schrubs, flowers, and small growth of trees.

Most are capable of taking on branches from about 11/2 to 5 inches in diameter and are available in many different styles.

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Saws are considered a multi-use tool in gardening and there are electric saws as well!