Generator Accessories For Perfect Power Generation

Having a bulky machine like a power generator comes with its set of complications. Owning a power generator means that you will need to learn how to operate it to get the longest lifespan the machine could offer. You will need optimum performance to keep the power flowing to the items that it is connected to. To achieve the best performance, you will need to acquire a set of accessories first to ensure that your generator works perfectly and that it can fit within the environment where it is placed. 

Here are some accessories you can get for your machine for perfect power generations.

Engine Mufflers 


If you have a power generator, then it probably already has a built-in muffler. However, this sometimes can’t be enough. The noise will still be loud, and everyone working around the machine will find it distracting, which will eventually develop a nasty headache to those around the generator by the end of the day. This is why you should consider options to reduce noise like using a muffler or silencer. These devices are attached to the exhaust pipe of the generator and suppress the noise the comes out of the engine. A surprisingly cheap method to muffle the noise is using plywood. Place some plywood scraps around your generator in a box shape. This will direct the sound towards the ground instead of everywhere around you.

Transfer Switch

Transfer switches could be extremely useful in the event of power outages. They are generally used to transfer the load from the primary supply source in case the power goes out. It is connected to your home's electrical panel or the RV, so when power fails, the generator will carry the load. When the power is back on again, it will carry the load back to the primary supply source.

There are two types of transfer switches: the manual transfer switch and the automatic transfer switch. The manual switch's job is literally what its name means. When the power goes out, you will have to switch it on manually, and when normal power is back, you will have to switch it off. Automatic transfer switches, on the other hand, are usually programmed to transfer specific loads, and they will transfer power from the main source of power supply to the backup source automatically.

Engine Governor

An engine governor is essential, especially if your workload tends to increase to the point of exhausting your generator. Your generator will make sure you get sufficient power by running faster and risking burnout, and the fuel costs will rise exponentially with overload which will risk the integrity of your equipment. If you can't tell when your generator is working faster to compensate for the overload, an engine governor will. This accessory will regulate the speed of the engine to keep it working at the same speed without affecting the overall performance. Fuel costs will also be manageable, and your equipment will work for longer periods of time.

Maintenance Kit 

Any type of engine needs a maintenance kit to keep it up and running. You want nothing to come in the way of your generator as it gives you the desired optimum performance. This is why having a maintenance kit is another essential accessory for your power generator. What you will need this kit to have is a couple of spare air filters, as they tend to get dirty very quickly, spark plugs to replace the old ones whenever they become non-functioning, and oil.

Generator Cover

If you have a very expensive machine like a power generator, then you will be looking for ways to protect it. You can't just leave it out in the open, for weather, dirt, and rust to wear it down. This is why a generator cover is a must-have accessory. You will need a good one that is weatherproof and capable of keeping the generator isolated from all the elements that can eat away at it. You will also need to get a generator cover with the same size as your generator or it won't fully protect it.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator, or AVR, is an indispensable accessory, particularly if one of the electronics or appliances the power generator is supplying requires specific amounts of voltages. To ensure that your possessions are safe, make sure to have an AVR to stabilize the generator's voltage

All of the previous generator accessories will ensure that you get the best performance and perfect power generation capacity. However, before you decide which is the best accessory that will suit your generator, make sure you understand the way it works and what it needs to give maximum performance. Gaining knowledge about your generator’s model and how it functions will help you figure out exactly what might make it perform better.