Get Chocolate-Wasted at The Chocolate Festival!

Bring Your Sweet Tooth to San Diego Botanic Gardens for Chocolate

Photo by San Diego Botanic Garden

There is no better way to spend the Saturday before Mother’s Day with your chocolate-loving family at San Diego Botanic Garden’s Chocolate Festival! The delicious and decadent event is on May 7th from 10am to 4pm, so get your taste buds ready for an incredible rollercoaster. 

Come enjoy different types of delectable chocolate and demonstrations at this unique event! Don't leave the kids at home, as the event features tons of children's activities along with many Mother's Day gifts for all of you last-minute shoppers. Award-winning chili, barbeque, and Mole chips by Isaak's Catering will be available to fill your sweetened stomachs.

The chocolate vendors attending the festival this year include Belgium Gourmet LLC, David Bacco Chocolatier, Gourmet Mediterranean, ItsyBites'nPieces, Jer's Chocolates, Luisa Chocolatiere, So Rich! Chocolates, and Yumeve. Even better, the San Diego Botanic Garden's Chocolate Festival will offer amazing gift vendors too, such as CamDelynn Creations, Cocoa Indigo, Elizabeth’s Kitchen, Fine Fashion Jewelry, Heavenly Vessel, Jewelry of Olga, My Fair Lady’s Flowers, Queen Eileens, Saavi Designs, and more. Now there's no excuse not to find your mom the perfect Mother's Day gift!

The Garden, formerly Quail Botanical Gardens, has a mission: to inspire people of all ages to connect with plants and nature. Their 37 acres of land does just that. The land houses over 25 gardens for San Diegans to visit and admire. The Botanic Gardens are not only a beautiful sight to see, but they are also a learning experience. Every Saturday a different class is offered, and every first Monday of the month you can enjoy bird watching at the Gardens.

The San Diego Botanic Gardens started out as the private estate of Charles and Ruth Larabee. They landscaped their property with exotic plants gathered from their worldwide travels. They brought cork oaks, palms, cycads, aloes, cacti, hibiscus, and unusual subtropical fruit-bearing shrubs and trees to their land, planted them all, and watched them grow. The couple used their unique land to educate local young people about nature, and in 1957, Ruth Larabee left her estate and its grounds to the County of San Diego. 

Up until the early 1990s, the county financially supported the property. Then in 1993, members of the Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation signed a long-term lease to help conserve the safety and essence of the gardens. In September 2009, Quail Botanical Gardens changed its name to San Diego Botanic Garden, in hopes to make it easier for potential visitors to discover this unique and magical spec of nature.

In June of 2009, the Gardens became the home of the Hamilton Children's Garden, the largest interactive children's garden in the West Coast. Hamilton is where kids can go on an adventure in a tree house, help water plant beds, play in the sand, engage in a grass maze, and so much more. The activities are endless, so don't forget to stop by with your family after the festival!

Entry to the Chocolate Festival is free with admission to the Botanic Gardens, however, there is an extra fee for tasting tickets. Tasting tickets are sold for $1 each, and tastes cost between 1–3 tickets. Most tastings will cost just one ticket. For more ticket and parking information, visit San Diego Botanic Garden or call (760) 436-3036, ext. 206.