Get Pampered at The Spa at Torrey Pines

Enjoy a Day at the Spa at Torrey Pines

Step out of the hall and into a dimly lit room, where soft music plays in the background and everyone is catering to your specific needs. You are queen for the day, your opinion matters more than anyone else’s, and everyone wants you to sit back and relax. It’s a lovely dream—one we’ve all had, I’m sure—but it is also reality at The Spa at Torrey Pines.

Located in La Jolla, The Lodge at Torrey Pines is home to the luxurious Torrey Pines Spa. The spa offers amenities perfect for all-day relaxation, various relaxing treatment options, and a warm, comforting environment that you’ll never want to leave. But what exactly does a day at the spa include? 

What Separates The Spa at Torrey Pines from Other Spas?

For guests of The Lodge at Torrey Pines, a day at the spa is a truly zen and relaxing experience. From the moment guests walk through the doors of the spa and into the quaint little boutique and reception area, they are treated like royalty. Guests are given soft, white robes perfect for relaxing and enjoying the spa’s many amenities before their treatments.

And just what amenities does The Spa at Torrey Pines offer? To be honest, it’s anything and everything you could want out of a spa experience. From private dressing rooms for modesty, to large clean showers perfect for freshening up after your treatments, The Spa at Torrey Pines has all of your needs covered. After donning the soft robe, guests can enjoy three different pre-treatment rooms to help them relax: a steam room, a sauna, and an inhalation room.

The steam room can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t used to breathing in the thick steam-filled air, but it is perfect for ridding your body of toxins. Hands down, though, the sauna has to be one of the most relaxing rooms in the The Spa at Torrey Pines. The sauna features a dry heat that helps lower blood pressure and aid in muscle relaxation. More than that, though, the sauna is the ideal place to kick up your feet and get into the right mindset for your spa experience. The heat is comfortable—not overwhelming—and the sauna’s wooden benches offer plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

The Spa at Torrey Pines

What Treatments are Amazing at The Spa at Torrey Pines?

The Spa at Torrey Pines offers a variety of different treatment options. From massages to body scrubs, pedicures to facials, every guest at this renowned spa has so many options. So which are the best?

For those new to the spa experience, a Swedish massage can be very relaxing because it applies long, soothing strokes that increase circulation and help people to relax. In a Swedish massage, guests enjoy soft background music and scented massage oils and lotions. Looking for a facial instead of a massage? A great facial for anyone looking to dip their toes in the skin care spa experience is the European Cleansing facial, which deep-cleans and purifies skin.

Something that marks The Spa at Torrey Pines as unique is their use of sage in their treatments. The majority of the rituals offered at The Spa at Torrey Pines use sage as their signature scent. The Spa uses sage because it is native to the Torrey Pines Reserve, which is located just half a mile away. The Spa uses sage in their products to reflect all that the nearby nature has to offer. Even better, sage has some properties that benefit the skin: it is purifying and detoxifying. All of their sage products—and every product included in the treatments and the locker rooms—are available for purchase in the spa’s boutique.

Spirit to Soul

If you’re looking for an all-day experience, The Spa at Torrey Pines offers treatment packages that include multiple rituals and experiences. Their most popular package? The Spirit to Soul Ritual. This truly is the total spa experience all in one. The Spirit to Soul Ritual begins with a gentle exfoliating body scrub that utilizes an orange peel, argon oil, and Vitamin E scrub that helps to hydrate the skin. The body scrub is a quick, relaxing way to scrub away any dead skin and leave your body fresh and smooth. From the body scrub, guests who are enjoying the Spirit to Soul Ritual then enjoy a full-body massage in the form of a Swedish massage. From there, guests enjoy their final treatment of the day: a Vitamin-C enriched facial meant to tighten and firm the face.

The best part about all of the treatments at The Spa at Torrey Pines—and what really separates it from other local spas—is that every treatment is customized to best fit the needs of the guest. The massage therapists and the estheticians all consult with the guests prior to the start of their treatment, so that the guests are guaranteed to receive exactly what they want. Are you having a facial and you have really dry skin? The estheticians will take note and use gentle cleansers and hydrating masks. Is your lower back killing you? Tell your massage therapist, and they will pay extra attention to it during your treatment. The Spa at Torrey Pines excels at giving guests exactly what they need.

The Spa at Torrey Pines

Post-Treatment Relaxation

The spa amenities, such as the steam room, sauna, and inhalation room, are all open to the guests both before and after their treatments, allowing guests to continue relaxing throughout the day. The Spa at Torrey Pines offers a beautiful lounge room with a warm gas fire and plush arm chairs perfect for curling up with a good book. The Spa at Torrey Pines even provides guests with delicious and nutritious snack options, including fresh fruit, mixed nuts, and warm caffeine-free tea.

For those who purchase a day pass to the spa, the facilities include the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, both of which overlook the golf course. Done with your treatments and ready to head to a beautiful lunch at The Lodge at Torrey Pines’ signature restaurant A.R. Valentien? The Spa offers everything you need to look your best. From spacious showers filled with complimentary soap and shampoo, to a luxurious vanity area filled with hairdryers, brushes, and some of their signature hair products, The Spa at Torrey Pines gives guests everything they need to feel truly pampered.

Learn more about The Spa at Torrey Pines by visiting their website, or by calling them at (858) 777-6690.