Get Ready Hockey Fans, the Gulls are Back in Town

The San Diego Gulls Battle Texas in the Playoffs

San Diego Gulls return home

It’s always a great feeling when your home team is in the playoffs. The energy and excitement begins to fill the air. People who normally wouldn’t pay attention start to join in on the fun, while serious fans get to spout out statistics and theorize the impact of one player matching up against another. What may be even better, though, is when that team comes home, especially when they are on a winning streak.

The San Diego Gulls come home for the first home game of the playoffs on April 28th. The series is best three out of five, and with a hearty 3-1 victory already over the Texas Stars, there seems to be a good chance of the Gulls advancing under the roar of a San Diego crowd.

Though the Gulls faced a tough loss against Texas on Saturday, it has been a good season for the Gulls. The team moved back to San Diego in October of 2015 and reached the playoffs in their very first year at their new home stadium. The season started out strong with the Gulls winning 8 of their first 10 games and, while there have been some slumps along the way, the team has remained pretty consistent and finished up the season with a record of 39-23. 

In the final game of the regular season against the Ontario Reign, the Gulls shot back to a stunning victory over their opponents. Losing 1-2 in the final minutes of the third period of their April 16th game, the Gulls amazed everyone by scoring two goals within 30 seconds of each other to take the game from a 1-2 situation to a 3-1 win. That game in particular was a whirlwind of emotions as officials tried to keep both teams from fighting. The officials succeeded until the 9th minute of the third period brought both teams into a bench-clearing brawl, and it took the officials everything they had to keep the teams goalies from attacking each other, with Matt Hackett at center ice fighting to get loose in order to exchange punches with Reign goaltender Michael Houser. 

The Gulls would continue to carry their passion into the post season as the team traveled to Cedar Park, Texas to face off against the Texas Stars in the first game in the best-of-five series. Despite the Stars dominating much of the ice in the first period, the Gulls managed a good shot and took a 1-0 lead at the end of the first. This lead would not last, as very early in the second the Stars pressed hard and managed to tie the game 1-1. This tie would last for nearly the entire period until, 16 minutes in, the Gulls managed to work a shot around the Stars’s goalie and take the lead 2-1. From there, the lead would only hold. There was a solid effort by the Gulls goalie as well as another goal in the third period to secure the lead would mean that the Gulls are ahead in the series.

The team (unfortunately) lost another game on Saturday in Cedar Park. Now the San Diego Gulls will return to the Valley View Casino Center and the roar of home town fans. 

A team in the playoffs is a great thing. It brings a city together in a way that few other events can really manage. For hockey fans, this is a wonderful scenario. The Gulls will be determined and ready for a hard fought, bloody series against the Stars. If you are a hockey fan, it’s going to be a good game and, even if you're not, tune in. The excitement and energy of having a team in the playoffs will make it worth it.

For more information about the Gulls, including how to get tickets for future post-season games, please see the San Diego Gulls website.