Get The Winning Edge: Stress Free!

Mid-March is midterms, aka that time in your year—college student or not—when the world decides to throw everything it has at you: from unexpected El Niño struggles to freak car failures or tax season panic. It’s the beginning of a busy spring season—preparation, study, practice and performance, quotas, and deadlines. In our ultra–competitive country, seeking an edge to succeed with peak performance under pressure is desired by many, but underachieved by most. You can do it; it’s not impossible. History is filled with examples of underdogs handicapped by physical or socioeconomic challenge rising up and winning in spite of their difficulties.

Stress can be either beneficial or detrimental to meeting your goals. The stress of an impending deadline or project can motivate you to rise up, meet the challenge and succeed—or it can overwhelm a weakened and broken down body, inhibiting you from ever reaching your potential. The old adage, “you’re only as strong as you weakest link,” has never been more apt than in regards to how it relates to your health, performance, and success. Your ability to handle stress is often dependent on your health status, particularly how well your nervous system is functioning.

Professional and Olympic athletes are always striving for the edge to win, some illicitly but most sincerely. Many would expect elite athletes to utilize the latest science on performance nutrition, exercise physiology, and mental training to their advantage, but few are aware of how these top performance athletes use the power of a balanced spine and nervous system. The 2015 British Open Golf champion Zach Johnson, along with 2015 Masters Tournament and U.S. Open winner Jordan Spieth, credit chiropractic care with giving them their winning edge. In addition, other well–known champion athletes, including Super Bowl champion quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers, as well as 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, “the fastest man in the world,” all give credit to chiropractic care for helping them stay in winning form.

You might be thinking of how you didn’t win the genetic lottery or how you didn’t have the option of selecting your grandparents; well, there is hope for us mere mortals. Epigenetics is the new field of study that recognizes that our DNA is not necessarily our destiny. 70% of our destiny is determined by our lifestyles or how we live and take care of our bodies. No need to reinvent the wheel, simply adopt the habits and lifestyle of successful peak performers.

Start by drinking more water and eliminating all refined sugars and most grains from your daily diet. Eat breakfast regularly with plenty of organic protein and complex carbohydrate sources.  Consider breads, pastas, potatoes, and cereals as delicacies earned like dessert on special occasions. Have abundant vegetables and green salads every day. Make exercise a part of your daily life, both cardio and strength training.

Get sound, sufficient sleep of at least 7 hours. Work on your posture and spinal alignment by utilizing chiropractic care from the pros. Upgrade the circuitry of your nervous system to enable your body and mind to function with peak performance in all of your endeavors, giving you the edge for daily success. Consider today Motivation Monday (even if it’s actually Tuesday) and start building a better life today!