Get Your Kitchen 2020 Ready With Vinyl Decals


As we head towards the end of the year, are your thoughts turning to the start of 2020 and perhaps giving your home a complete overhaul, in terms of its interior design? Perhaps there are some rooms that need less work and effort than others, like your kitchen for instance. If that’s the case, you may be able to take some shortcuts and still have an area you’d be as equally proud to entertain guests as you would to create mouthwatering meals, whether it’s just for you or the whole family. Using vinyl decals is one of the most cost-effective ways to do this.

What Actually Are Vinyl Decals?

Often known as wall stickers, vinyl decals are stickers that can be used to decorate just about any wall or other smooth surface in an interesting and exciting way. They are the kind of thing you will often see in shop windows, used to provide information to customers. When it comes to the kind you can use for interior design, they are available in various shapes and sizes. So, whether you are looking for something simple and small or something more elaborate to bring a plainer looking wall to life, decals are a great option. 

If you are not convinced, they are right for you or are just in general on the fence about them, why not consider some of the awesome benefits of using vinyl decals when decorating rooms like your kitchen.

Easy to Apply and Very Practical

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl decals is just how easy they are to use. If you are not a fan of using lots of tools and fixings, then this is one great solution to your decorating woes. They are as easy to apply as a sticker. You simply take off the protective backing and often there is a protective layer of film over the top layer, then place, carefully in the position on the surface you want, and you are done.

Made From Highly Durable Materials

Obviously, like any product, the difference in quality will vary from one vinyl decal to the next. However, manufacturers of these products have, over the last couple of decades, started to use much better-quality materials in their creation, ensuring that you get a long-lasting wall decoration wherever you place them, even in the kitchen.

Versatile and Customizable

Although you can obviously buy packs and single vinyl decals from various arts and crafts and hardware stores, one way to really push the versatility of this wall and ceiling decoration is to make your own. As you will see if you take a look at the product recommendations and vinyl cutting tips at HeatPressHangout, for a relatively small investment you can purchase the tools and equipment you need for use in your own home. That way you can fully customize and create your own vinyl decals that match the theme or décor you are going for in your kitchen.

Easy to Maintain and Look After

Another key benefit of using vinyl decals is, despite what you may think, they are incredibly easy to maintain and take care of. Most are designed to be wipeable. This means if they do happen to collect dust on their surface or some unpleasant food stains, you can simply use a wet cloth with some light detergent (if necessary) and wipe them clean. They are designed to be waterproof to an extent as many people use them in bathrooms and other wet areas of the house.

They Do Not Leave Marks

What if you want to change your vinyl decals? We know that tastes change and what really excited you or made your home feel unique and special can change easily from one year to the next. Don’t worry though, if you need to switch your vinyl decals or want to get rid of them. When applied properly, they do not leave any marks on the wall surface. Therefore, when it comes to taking them off, you just peel them away and you are done. That means a lot less hassle compared to other wall coverings such as wallpaper, where there is often tears and stains left even if you steam them off.


So, if you are planning to decorate your kitchen, either to give it a complete makeover or are looking for a quick and easy fix-it-up, you should seriously consider investing in some high-quality vinyl decals.