Get a Mind-blowing Hairstyle with Fascinating Balayage Highlights


Photo by Joseph Kellner on Unsplash

Balayage highlights are a time-tested technique for creating effortless beauty. But what is it, exactly, and how can you get it? What hair types and colors work best? Don’t be intimidated by this look for any hair type! Read on for more information.

What is Balayage?

Hombre coloring is a big hit these days so to put things in perspective, balayage coloring is similar to a hombre in that it is a gradual change in color throughout the hair length, but where Balayage differs is that instead of all-over color, the change is in small sections. This is similar to highlights, but the color usually transitions from dark at the top to light at the bottom. Rather than uncomfortable and costly foil highlights that look unnatural, with balayage your stylist will freehand paint the color with strategic placing to create an organic color shift that looks like it grew that way. Amazingly, even vivid and ‘unnatural’ colors like pink and blue look like you could have grown it yourself. 

What colors work?


In our opinion, starting with a brown base for balayage highlights is easiest and creates a classy look when worn up in a quick and easy bun. This look gives your hair a beach babe vibe without the risk of skin damage from spending hours outdoors. Get this pumpkin spice look for just a touch of flare to your brown locks.  You don’t need much (if any depending on your base color) bleaching for the brown look and the process is a lot quicker, easier, and more subtle l than say, going platinum blonde with a red to pink balayage.

That being said, you can create some really fascinating things with balayage. Using a funky color underneath your top layer of hair creates a subtle peekaboo look without the commitment (or cost) of a solid coloring. It’s also a lot more corporate-friendly than having solid, all-over highlights in non-traditional colors. If you’re super bold and have an inclusive corporate culture, you can be very daring in your color choice. Check out this ultra-modern all-over purple look with multi color balayage highlights! In this look, pay special attention to the color changes. It creates an interesting visual dynamic in that one would normally think of pink being the softer, lighter color and blue being the darker, bolder color. This look flips that expectation on its head to create a true traffic-stopping effect.

Best Cuts and Styles

Photo by Jessica Dabrowski on Unsplash

Now let’s discuss texture and length. You might think if you have fine or thinning hair that balayage might not be right for you. Wrong! Having fine or thin hair, even with a short cut is perfect for a balayage look. As long as you don’t thin the ends of your already thin hair it will add depth and dimension to your fine locks. The organic way that balayage is applied creates a multi-layered look that adds movement to even the shortest locks (thinking of those of you rocking pixies cuts!). If you have fine, thin, or super short styles, seriously ask your stylist about balayage highlights. Experienced stylists know just how to create a fascinating look on even the finest, shortest locks that can give you either a fierce, bold look or one that cultivates an edgy corporate look that’s sure to set your competition on edge.


No matter if you’re experienced with coloring your hair or a first-time novice, balayage is a perfect option. Balayage gives long locks a sophisticated edge and short or fine hair an option for creative expression. If you’ve got a super short cut or naturally thin hair, adding this style will give you a more movement driven look with either a super corporate appropriate style or a way to express your fun and free spirit.