Getting the Most Out of Selling Your Home

Curb appeal is everything. Some sources show that a little tweaking can get you from 5% to 12% more on the selling price of your house. Some smart work on the outside of your home can result in achieving great profits on its sale!


From power-washing to potted plants, concrete sealing to gutters, even one day’s work can drive your home value up by thousands. Let’s look at a few fast ways to sweeten the deal on your home sale.


5 ways to polish your home’s curb appeal


  1. Gutters and spouts. Your house’s gutters and spouts form the frame inside of which the rest of your house sits, like a painting inside a picture frame. Smart, clean lines will prime your house to look its very best. Upping your curb appeal means more money in your pocket! New gutters are an investment that more than pay for themselves.


  1. Concrete sealing. A good concrete sealing will give your driveway and walkway a shiny new polish that screams quality. Speaking pragmatically, a concrete sealer will protect your driveway and walkway from damage like corrosion, scratches, and stains, which keeps it looking new for years


  1. Power-washing. Power-washing is a powerful tool to turn back time on every surface of your home. Some people don’t even remember how good some of their home’s features looked before they got stained with age and dirt. Power-washing brings all of that back with undeniable proof. You can see that proof here.


  1. Portable garden. A handful of potted plants can go a long way, especially considering how easy it can be to make a dynamic impression. An assortment of bright colors arranged near your door or against some windows can add a hefty touch of style to your house’s overall appearance. You can see just how effective this simple move can be, as well as get some ideas for arrangement and placing.


  1. Mailbox. Touch up your mailbox to give your home a sense of completeness and value. Artsy people might be drawn towards a unique or attention-grabbing mailbox, but for a home sale, the name of the game is always curb appeal. That means a simple, elegant choice that does something for everyone. 


Pick a shade that matches the rest of your house, or else stick with black. Black goes with everything. Whether you choose to buy a new mailbox or give a fresh coat of paint to your current one, the next step would be to add a few touches of style. Flowers and other plants can form a miniature garden that allows your mailbox to be a real addition to the overall impression of the house.


Look for other ways


There are many ways to add to the curb appeal of your home. You want to adjust your home so that it becomes its own sales pitch, one that speaks for itself. Here’s an exercise to help you find your own way to spruce things up.


Try going down the sidewalk and taking a good look at your house from the curb. Try to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, as if for the first time, and just let yourself notice whatever you notice. Notice which things call attention to themselves in a good way and in a bad way.


Whatever draws the most attention to itself in a bad way, fix those first. No amount of restoration can make up for some things looking just plain bad. Additionally, whatever looks really good, takes notes from that. Use those examples to make your whole house call attention to itself in a positive way. The thought you want people to have while looking at your house should be, “Wow, I’d love to live there every day.”


With these tips, curb appeal is yours, and with it, all the extra money from a buffed up selling price.