Getting to Know Rarest Types of Coffee

Coffee is an excellent drink to boost energy. According to studies, it’s beneficial in treating diseases like cardiovascular disease, low-risk liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and even diabetes. Besides, the aroma of coffee tickling your nostrils gives a relaxing effect on the body. Experts estimate around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide in just a day. 

Coffee comes in different varieties that you could choose. Some of these compete for the title of the “Rarest Coffee in the World.” It comes down to two main criteria: the selling price of the processed beans and how these coffee beans are produced for consumption. For sure, the love for coffee ignites curiosity on how a particular coffee is considered the rarest of their kind. Let’s look further into these types of coffee;


Kopi Luwak


Generally, coffee beans are made in the same manner- cherries are picked. The seeds are exposed and sun-dried, roasted to perfection, then packaged and sealed, but some coffee beans have an extra step to it; they are eaten first.


The Kopi Luwak Coffee is an Indonesian-made coffee, processed by jungle cats called the Kopi Luwak. These palm civets first eat the cherries, then digest them, and lastly excrete them, where the beans will be removed.


The beans are fermented during the digestion process by the enzymes found in the stomach, which gives a more flavorful taste to them. After this, the beans will be handpicked from the feces and will further be processed. Due to its complicated process, this specialty coffee is often sold at a high price.


Black Ivory


Black Ivory coffee beans are processed in the same manner as Kopi Luwak but instead of the Asian palm civets, they use elephants. This specific reserve of elephants comes from northern Thailand. There are only twenty of these kinds of elephants used in making these specialty coffee beans.


They rarely produce Black Ivory coffee beans due to a certain number of factors. One of is the beans getting destroyed during the mastication process while other coffee beans are not found by the workers, who are supposed to handpick them. 


In total, about 72 pounds of coffee cherries are needed to produce just two pounds of Black Ivory coffee beans. Because of its rarity, the Black Ivory specialty coffee beans are only made available to selected five-star hotels in Southeast Asia, with the price of a cup reaching about $50.



In general, coffee beans are taken from a flattened-shape, pair of seeds inside a coffee cherry. Approximately, five percent of these coffee cherries will only contain a single, round-shaped, small bean referred to as a peaberry.

Some coffee experts claim that the coffee from a peaberry has a distinct taste that other coffee connoisseurs dispute. Whichever is true, coffee beans made from peaberry are carefully handpicked and enclosed in different, unique packaging.

This type of coffee may not be the rarest of their kind, but because it is not usually available and requires a meticulous process, it demands a higher price.

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you must try these rare types of coffee for yourself. The process of making these rare types of coffee might come off a little unpleasant, but according to connoisseurs, the flavor it brings will be appeasing for your taste.