Gift Guide For Stylish Men

There is a very common misconception that men shouldn’t pay much attention to fashion, and it’s just a female thing. This is completely wrong on many levels, because men’s fashion can be as complex and inspiring as much as women’s, if not more. There’s so much to learn and understand about how a stylish man get dressed, and you’d be surprised at the intricate details and fine lines that dressing up entails. It starts with everything a man wears, from his watch, all the way to the shoes, including belts, shirts, lapel pins, tie clips, and so much more. This is the gift guide for the stylish man, and how you can get one the perfect gift.


They say the shoes are the first thing people notice about a man’s outfit, and it’s definitely something everyone takes note of. A stylish man’s shoes need to make a statement, a subtle but nuanced one that is. There are many shoe types and designs out there, but there are a few essential ones you need to know if you’re getting a man a pair of shoes. You have the regular Oxfords and derby shoes and sneakers, but these are known to pretty much everyone. Same applies for loafers and moccasins, but there are some lesser popular shoe types out there, and it’s these that stylish men are after.


Yes, men do wear boots in winter, too. In fact, one can make an argument that men’s boots are more fashionable. So, first type is the Chelsea boot. These are tightly fit boots with an elastic panel on the side to get in and out of easily. They were quite fashionable in the UK when they became popular in the 60s, and since then they’ve been rocked by millions of men all over the world. The Chelsea boot is ideally any color, but the two most gorgeous materials you can get it in are suede and genuine leather. Suede Chelsea boots look awesome with jeans and they have this stylish feel to them, while the leather ones look better on chinos and have a more formal feel to them.


Then you have the chukka boots, which are ankle-high boots with laces and it does look quite fashionable as well. They look great on jeans, tweeds, chinos, or any type of pants really. There’s also the regular dress boots, which are basically short leather boots with laces, and they are built like dress shoes but a bit higher on the sides.


Monk straps

Quite possibly the most fashionable of all shoes, monk strap shoes are without lacing. Instead, they come in single, double, or triple buckles. They’re quite gorgeous and they come in suede or leather, but the former is quite an eye candy.


It’s another misconception that men don’t wear jewelry. In fact, jewelry can seriously complement a man’s outfit, and at the same time brings attention to the entire attire and style. Bracelets are quite chic and they come in all sorts and shapes. So find something to complement the man’s style and sense of fashion. Is he into leather or silver ones? Which would work best with the type of watches he wears? Then there’s rings, and the cooler the design the more it pops out. The rings by Innovato design just show how wild and creative you can get with ring designs. Then there’s necklaces which add a layer of swag and coolness, and can also come in special designs, and for those you can opt for a pendant or locket of something of value and importance for the man.


You can write books about watches and how much they elevate a man’s entire outfit. There are so many brands out there and so many different kinds and colors. It’s just not easy to be a watch lover because every time you find a watch you like and get, there will be another and another after that. So to get a stylish watch for a man, you need to get them something that complements their wardrobe. There are basically 5 main types of watches out there: dressed, field, diver, aviator, and racing watches. Get informed as much as you can about each type of watch and what suits which occasion. Then get acquainted with the different mechanisms of watches, from chronograph to smart watches, so you’d be able to pick the one that suits the person and their personality the most.


The most important thing about a man’s outfit is the fitting. If the piece of clothing fits well, then this is an excellent start. The next thing you should pay attention to is fabric and material. The kind of material the item is made of plays into how it would look. Cashmere for instance is one of the finest fabrics in the world and the price of a cashmere sweater or turtleneck can be quite high, but in the end you’re paying for the best and it would look like the man is wearing the best eventually.


They say the devil’s in the details, and that applies extensively to clothing. Accessories are an important part of a formal attire, and they elevate the suit exponentially. A pocket square goes a very long way into making the suit much more stylish, and so does a tie clip and the rest of the accessories that complement the suit.


Believe it or not, perfumes fall under your wardrobe choices, and it’s one that gives off a very strong impression about how much style you have. Learn the difference between winter and summer fragrances, because it does make quite a difference. And try to stay away from fragrances that come off as too strong and intrusive, because that gives a very bad impression of being unfashionable.


Just like every other field in life, knowledge is power when it comes to fashion and style. No one is born with the ability to look stylish and choose cool gifts for well-dressed men. You need to work for it and learn all you can through the various means you have at your disposables. Watch videos on the internet and read up about which accessories and pieces of clothing work together, and ask people who possess this knowledge. After that and after knowing what fashion rules are out there, you can go around and form your own sense of style that would help you choose the best gift for yourself and for other stylish men. But as they say, you first have to know the rules before you can break them.