Go Boho Chic With These 6 Home Design Inspirations

Sleek Boho Home Design

Sleek Boho Home Design

In search of boho design ideas for your home? The exciting revival of boho style in recent years is a celebration of individualism and whimsical aesthetics. The heart of bohemian style has elements of eclecticism and shabby chic, mixed with flamboyant artistry, colors, and textures. Boho upholds the unique and reflects the lifestyle of a person who embraces nature, art, adventure, expression, contrasts, the past, and freedom. With all these ingredients, a home or condo redesigning that follows the bohemian theme can feel a little overwhelming. But the truth is, you can be more bohemian than you think. Follow these six-design inspiration and tips to create the most amazing interiors for your space. 

Incorporate Enchanting Floral Furniture 

One of the signature boho chic inspirations is vibrant, flowery patterns. Incorporate this into your interior by selecting a focal furniture. The idea is to not make everything floral as this can look overwhelming, something bohemians avoid. An upholstered armchair is good furniture to consider. The fresh and romantic pattern of a floral armchair exudes the delicate, woodsy details of many bohemian designs. It has colors inspired by nature and brings to mind floral bouquets and rustic spaces. 

Whether it’s an armchair or another item, choose furniture that tells a story. Bohemian style should feel intriguing, unique, and organic. It’s about embracing a design that keeps a little distance from decorating principles that advise symmetry and uniformity. With the kaleidoscopic patterns and natural inspiration of your floral furniture, you can create an interior that is stunning while still feeling relaxed and casual. 

Combine Textured Wood with Plush, Colorful Pillows

Experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors. The blending of wood and cotton, for instance, is a usual combination in many home designs. But to create a truly bohemian space, experiment with different color and material combinations. For example, consider pairing a distressed wooden sofa with plush pillows in vibrant covers. By adding these textural and colorful touches, you can immediately redesign your space and make it more bohemian. The idea is mixing, not matching. Creating contrast in your space can give it an appealing flair that has personality. You can also experiment with warm bricks and richly patterned Egyptian rugs, or antique brass with a modern lamp. You create a bohemian space through combinations that you might initially think will not work. But just play with it a little until you achieve something that satisfies your bohemian spirit. 

Choose Key Bohemian Elements for a Subtler Approach

Some are worried of going full on boho because they are not used to it. But the thing is, you can still express your individual style with a subtler approach. To create your own personal creative space, you can start by applying bohemian elements in certain areas, say, and your bedroom. Combine function and chic with the right beddings that float your boho boat. Again, try mixing different colors, prints, and textures. There are a lot of versatile sets that can make your bedroom look serene and chic. From mattresses and comforters to bedsheets and charming quilts, there’s joy in putting all these bedroom basics and making them extraordinary with bohemian style. The effect is a bedroom that feels unstudied yet comfortable. Complement your boho bed with craftwork, plants or embroidery. You can also paint your glass window to create an attractive play of colors. 

Enliven Your Space with Bohemian Glow 

No boho design ideas for the condo home is complete without the right illumination. Your space can look gloomy and drab if you don’t enhance it with lighting fixtures. Boho lighting is usually warm, indirect, and soft. You can achieve this effect with colorful shades, candles, and vintage lamps that diffuse light. Place these in major areas that need brightening up—bedroom, home office, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Consider installing dimmers so you can have better control of the light. As for the design, the more quirky and unconventional the fixtures are, the better. For example, overhead lights softened by differently colored shades can enliven your space in a multifaceted way. This type of lighting should be great to gently enhance the other boho elements in your home, from the pillows to the furniture.   

Paint Your Room with Textured and Mixed Colors

Boho style favors modern condo color schemes and techniques that maximize space. You can mix neutrals with bold colors without having to rely on forecasts or trends. You can paint your own space with colors that reflect your personality. Shades of pink and yellow, for example, can be complemented with white and golden browns. For boho style, there is really no such thing as a wrong color. You can free your mind and style in creating a space by drawing inspiration from your own individuality. If you want alternatives to paint, consider colorful wallpapers and grass cloth for a bohemian feel. It need not be expensive. Before, hand-painted wallpapers can only be enjoyed by the rich. But now, such artistic privilege has become more available to boho-inspired individuals. There’s technology that can reproduce artistic wallpapers with various colors and materials. Whether you’re on a budget or open to splurging, you can create a room that celebrates bohemian style. 

Inject Eclectic Personality Through Artwork and Accessories  

Think for a moment of bohemian personalities like Frida Kahlo. Her individuality was apparent in her approach to design and life. The same goes for other bohemian personalities with artistic leanings like musicians, writers, and designers. Whatever the size of your space, you can make it appear larger with bohemian artworks and artistic accessories. Feel free to showcase your own artwork or choose those that tell your story. Never leave a blank wall untouched, as this is the opposite of boho. Your living space should be an intimate expression of your idiosyncrasy. Fill in blank spaces with artworks and pieces that you personally are drawn to. Listen to your own voice and think of yourself as a natural designer. It’s difficult to go wrong if your follow your own instinct. 

Redesigning your own bohemian space is fun and empowering. Trying out these must-try boho interior designs and tips should be a good place to start. But remember, you are free to enrich your space with your own style. Whether it’s introducing a new condo color design or adding new furniture, you can always tap your inherent boho sensibility as inspiration. 

Author Bio: Patricia Evans is an Interior Designer, Residential Designer, Art Crafter, DIYer and a full time mother. She writes about interior decorating, she loves working with shapes, shades and spaces. She is also into green and simple living, she loves cooking and having tea.

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