5 World’s Oldest Casinos That You Need to Visit Once in Your Lifetime

5 World’s Oldest Casinos That You Need to Visit Once in Your Lifetime


Do you consider yourself a hardcore gambler? If so, there is a good chance that you have been taking advantage of everything that online casinos have to offer. Online gambling has without a doubt brought a whole new aspect to the gaming world. Gamblers can now play their favorite games and place bets all hours of the day and night from virtually anywhere. Sure, online gambling offers some aspects that will never be available in the land-based community, but there is something special about visiting a land-based casino in person. This is especially true if you are checking out ones that are backed with major history.


The Golden Gate Casino


Have you ever gone as far to wonder what the first casino was and where it was located? Well, wonder no more because this is the Golden Gate Casino that you are thinking about. This was one of the first casinos built in Las Vegas during the very early 1900s. The place was worth a whopping $1,750 when it was initially built. John F. Miller is the founder and played a major role in the development of the casino throughout the years.


The Flamingo


If you are looking for the oldest casino on the prolific Vegas Strip then look no further than the Flamingo. Established in 1946 this casino has undergone many major changes over its 70 of existence. There is even a rumor floating around that the casino will undergo more changes at the end of the year.




The Tropicana opened its doors in 1957 and is now the second oldest casino on the Strip. It was the third until the Riviera imploded. The ultra-popular casino has seen several changes in management over the years. In fact, every new owner tries to outdo the other by reinventing the casino. Even though all this time the casino has never managed to lose its South Beach feel. Even though you are checking out these classic casinos in real life it doesn’t mean that you can’t hit up online gambling sites and play agen sbobet.


Caesars Palace


What would be a visit to Vegas without paying a trip to the iconic Caesars Palace? The casino was established in 1966, but the property has greatly expanded over the years. The casino just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and the property is now home five hotel towers, a mall, a massive nightclub, a grand pool complex, a huge casino floor, and tons more. There is simply no denying that the property hasn’t taken off in the last few years and there is no sign of slow down.


Circus Circus


This family-friendly casino opened its doors in 1968 and is located right at the north end of the Strip. The casino gets its unique name because it offers rides and attractions based around a circus theme. This is one of the aspects of the casino that draw in families. Nonetheless, the old casino is still standing, attraction attention, and there are even rumors that major changes might be on the horizon.