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San Diego golf: Better performance through technology

Adams Golf - Black Super Hybrid

San Diego and the surrounding area features over 80 golf courses, 50 of them open to the public. The variety in design includes layouts to satisfy the taste of any golfer. Courses are diverse: some have vistas of the Pacific, others possess views of country hillsides or desert landscapes. Desert golf courses are typical of East County in San Diego, whereas tree-lined and links style golf courses in San Diego are predominant closer to the coast, providing for astounding views and the challenge of the sea breeze. San Diego golf courses carved along canyons are characterized by dramatic changes in elevation and the daily variations of the wind make club selection and playability even more difficult. Avid players claim San Diego’s courses are “five star”, attracting professional golfers from across the country. Even Duffers can find many courses where they can enjoy the game while retaining their self-respect.

All golfers, whether professional or amateur, seek out an array of sporting products to enhance their game. We'll help you find your advantage in golf drivers, putters, balls and unique accessories. Enjoying some of the best courses in San Diego demands proper equipment, providing better performance through technology.  The past ten years have brought about huge advancements in golf equipment. New materials, breakthrough designs and healthy competition among manufacturers have changed the game.  The truth of the matter is that if you haven’t recently updated your set, you are rapidly falling behind. Below we outline a few new products with websites that are sure to add an injection of performance (and fun) to your game:

TaylorMade Golf, offers the Burner SuperFast Driver - We all want to be the longest hitter in our foursome and thanks to the consistently great engineering from the folks at TaylorMade, that title could be easily attainable. The latest from the company whose drivers are used by more PGA Tour players than any other brand is the Burner SuperFast. A combination of an extremely lightweight design (just 283 grams), longer than “standard” shaft (46.5”) and unique aerodynamic head creates higher swing speeds and unmatched distance.

Adams Golf, presents the Idea Black Super Hybrid - If you are one of the few that has not embraced the hybrid movement, please pay close attention to the following. The Idea Black Super Hybrid advances way beyond long iron replacement. Bigger and more powerful, it’s a hybrid on steroids, markedly increasing ball speed and overall distance. A larger head, maraging steel face and increased shaft length combine to provide a jolt of power while maintaining playability.

Boccieri Golf, recommends The Heavy Wedge and Heavy Putter -Improving your short game is the fastest way to lower scores. The ability to make a crucial putt or get up-and-down to save a shot is essential to being a good player. Luckily, Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Wedge and Heavy Putter lines utilize strategically placed weight to automatically groove your swing and stroke to be more effective. An advocate of counter-weighting (added mass in the grip-end of the shaft) Boccieri Golf’s products move the club’s balance point closer to the body for easier and more natural control. The result is fewer strokes on and around the green and a plummeting handicap.

Bridgestone, offers the B330 S Golf Ball - The golf ball could arguably be the piece of equipment that has seen the most change in last decade. Gone forever are terms like “balata” and “wound.”  Today’s offerings are built to provide extreme distance off the tee and soft feeling, high spinning action around the green. Bridgestone Golf has produced some great options, including the B330 S, a ball built for better players that feels outstanding, dances on the green and is easily launched into orbit off the tee box.

Accessories that Make a Difference – Tees, Shafts, Bag

Clubs and balls are not the only things that have improved. Other “accessories” that we take for granted have seen tremendous leaps.

Tees: Get ride of those old wooden stakes and try out Evolve Golf’s Epoch Tee. Used by more than 30 PGA Tour players, it has been scientifically proven to provide gains in distance and accuracy and is far more durable than wood.

Shafts: When buying new club, research shaft options. No one does it better than UST Mamiya, check out their online fitting program at

Bags: If you enjoy walking the course and playing the game as it was meant to be, you should look into a light-weight bag option that will help decrease your fatigue. The new Club Glove Sunday Bag is the ticket. (

San Diego residents are actually quite lucky to have access to not only some of the best courses in the nation, but also some of the best equipment manufacturers. The combination of complimentary landscape, weather and other resources make San Diego’s golf industry a lucrative and impressive business producer, purveyor and employer

“San Diego should be considered the golf capital of the United States,” said National University System Institute for Policy Research President W. Erik Bruvold. “While other regions may be home to more courses or have more golf-related tourism, San Diego is unique in having four vibrant cornerstones of the golf economy. The region hosts multiple professional events, supports 90 golf courses, and is home to the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers.”