Good Body Oils and Their Amazing Effects on Your Body

If you are anything like me, you might not have heard of the effects of body oil. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is body oil?” and “How does it differ from body lotion?”. Body oil is a plant-based oil that helps your body to trap in moisture. You should typically use body oil after a shower or a bath because oils are perfect for sealing moisture inside your body. Body oil, unlike lotion, penetrates the skin very deep and leaves you feeling moisturized all day, instead of lotion that ends up making you go back to your dry skin after a couple of hours. Body oils are organic, unlike lotions, which can contain some ingredients like alcohol. Ingredients like alcohol are prone to drying out skin, making lotions with alcohol in them not very effective. Now that I have shown you the effects of body oil versus body lotion, I will give you eight different body oils that you can try yourself to keep you moisturized throughout winter. 


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  1. Olive + M Body Oil (Average Price- $24-42)

The key ingredients of the body oil contain olive oil, pomegranate seed oil, grapefruit essential oil, and avocado oil. Olive oil contains vitamins A and E, which help to renew your skin. Pomegranate seed oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and also works to repair your skin cells. Grapefruit essential oil is rich in vitamin C, which fights against premature aging and wrinkles. Avocado oil can soothe irritated skin and boost collagen production. The oil smells like pink grapefruit with a blend of bergamot and clary sage.


  1. The GOOD BODY Dry Body Oil (Average Price- $22)

The GOOD BODY series contains an ingredient called sea buckthorn, which is packed with vitamins C, E, and A. These vitamins, as mentioned above, help to renew your skin and fight wrinkles. Sea buckthorn also includes a lot of Omega fatty acids, which help to strengthen the lipid barrier in our skin and helps to absorb the moisture. The dry body oil smells like an orange peel, which will smell lovely throughout the day. According to Aleksandra Zielińska and Izabela Nowak, in an article that they wrote on sea buckthorn, it contains “phospholipids and glycolipids that exhibit skin moisturizing and soften the epidermis, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduces inflammation, accelerates skin regeneration and cell renewal.” This article goes to show that there have been studies done on sea buckthorn to see if it really lives up to the hype.


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  1. Mille Fleurs Botanical Body Serum (Average Price- $79)

Mille Fleurs' body oil contains a lot of flower and plant ingredients that help to cleanse the body and to rejuvenate it. Because the body oil is plant and flower based, the scent is designed to be flowery too. Mille Fleurs also claims that their oils are designed to create a more positive and happy mood in a person and that the oil works on all skin types. 


  1. Revitalizing Body Oil (Average Price- $115)

Revitalizing body oil does not just trap moisture in the body; it also leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer, targeting rough and/or dry patches of skin. The body oil also strives to be anti-aging and works as a wrinkle eraser. In the ingredient list, I saw that the Revitalizing Body Oil also contains argan oil as a component of the main oil, which means that the fragrance of the oil will probably be close to the wonderful scent of argan.


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  1. Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oil (Average Price- $68-71)

With Aromatherapy Associates, there are many different types of body oil that you can get off their website, with all having a different purpose. The oils used for helping combat dryness include the Renewing Rose Body Oil, which has the lovely scent of rose, neroli, and geranium. The Renewing Rose Body Oil is vegan and nut-free for those with nut allergies.


  1. Kypris Beauty Body Elixir (Average Price- $230)

Kypris Beauty Elixir I-1,000 Roses contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps reduce aging, and Bulgarian rose essential oil, which works to reduce dry skin and protect against UV exposure. Most of Kypris’ products are animal cruelty-free, organic, vegan, and/or the ingredients come from local farms.  


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  1. Joe Brand Goe Oil (Average Price- $50)

Good Body Oils and Their Amazing Effects on Your Body

Joe Brand Goe Oil is not only used for the body, but you can also use it for your hands as well as your hair. The oil is only tested on humans, and it is made in the USA. The ingredients inside the oil include Rosehip, Hemp, Meadowfoam, Rice Bran oils, Avocado, Grapeseed, Mango, Pumpkin Seed Butters, and Jojoba oils. These ingredients allow the oil to be packed with not only omega and fatty acids, but also vitamins A, E, C, B, and G. The Jojoba oil works to restore sebum loss so that your skin retains the moisture.


  1. Fresh Life Body Oil (Average Price- $48)

Fresh Life Body Oil promises moisturization that's supposed to last a complete 24 hours. The body oil has ingredients that include Evening Primrose oil, Sweet almond oil, and Jojoba oil. The Evening primrose oil is packed with essential fatty acids to fight against the natural aging process. Sweet almond oil is a source of vitamin E and helps to protect the skin against UV rays. As mentioned before, the Jojoba oil helps to restore sebum loss. The body oil is citrus scented.


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8) Whish Coconut Milk + Verbena Luminous Body Oil (Average Price- $24)

If your body is craving a little more moisture, "Whish's Coconut Milk + Verbena" maybe the one for you. It moisturizes using oils from sesame seeds and sunflowers. It also leaves your skin silky smooth by olive leaf extract and jojoba seed oil. This  Coconut Milk + Verbena Luminous Body Oil has been clinically proven to calm inflamed skin while increasing skin luminance using peptides.


I hope that this new information inspires you to try out body oil instead of body lotion this winter to help combat dry winter skin.