Great Advice For Finding The Right Plastic Surgery Prices To Fit Your Needs

Plastic surgeons perform nearly 2 million cosmetic surgical procedures and around 16 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures every year. These cosmetic procedures focus on helping people achieve the appearance they want. For example, someone might get surgery to fix drooping eyelids or remove some excess body fat.

Since most insurance policies exclude cosmetic procedures, you may wonder if plastic surgery prices are within your reach. Keep reading for advice on finding prices within your budget.

Shop Local

It's easy for someone to fall into the trap of thinking they need to travel to somewhere like Los Angeles for plastic surgery. This drives up the cost with travel expenses and the higher price for services at the destination. It's also unnecessary in most cases.

A procedure like a nose job is so commonplace that it's often an outpatient procedure. So a North Carolina resident can visit to see a local option that gets them home right away. 

Working with a local plastic surgeon also keeps travel costs down for any follow-up care.

Ask About Payment Options

Plastic surgeons understand the reality that people must pay out of pocket for cosmetic procedures. Many of them will offer you several payment options.

You can, of course, always pay cash. You can also use credit cards as a way of financing the procedure. Unless you enjoy a very good interest rate on your credit card, that can get expensive.

Some plastic surgeons will also offer healthcare financing. In essence, the plastic surgeon will provide you with credit. Then, you pay off the procedure over time.

This can often put a procedure within reach for people who can't afford to pay the entire fee out of pocket.

Ask About Associated Costs

The surgery itself is only one of the costs you must consider. For example, the listed price for surgery might only include the surgeon's fee.

Other associated costs can include:

  • Anesthesiologist fees

  • Fees from the surgical center

  • Follow-up appointment fees

These additional fees can make a procedure far more expensive than the listed price. You should compare the total costs involved for each surgeon before deciding if you can afford surgery.

Board Certification

You should make sure that the surgeon holds the right board certification. Plastic surgeons get their board certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS. You can check a surgeon's certification on the ABPS website.

Finding Plastic Surgery Prices to Fit Your Needs

Plastic surgery prices shift a lot depending on where you live and the procedure you want.

You'll pay a premium for the top surgeon in New York City or Los Angeles for any procedure. Yet, you can often get commonplace procedures at a far lower cost by shopping locally and comparing total costs.

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