Great Balayage Hair Color Ideas To Help Your Look Stand Out

The average woman will spend up to $55,000 on her hair during her lifetime. 

How often do you visit your hairdresser? If you're looking for a brand new look, then why not ask them to balayage your hair?

This trend is one that is not going anywhere. It was developed in the 90s and has seen many different celebs sporting the look. 

In this article, we'll look at a few options for your balayage hair color. Let's get started: 


1. Long Hair Don't Care

Are you someone who sports hair that trails past your shoulders and down to your waist? Then, you should definitely try out the balayage look!

Opt for a natural transition of color or choose something vibrant and beautiful, such as purple or red tips. 

Check out celebs such as Chrissy Teigen and Beyonce who have sported this look and made it look both natural and, as always, gorgeous.


2. Short Hair Cute Balayage 

If you don't have long hair, a balayage can still work well for you. However, it will be more integrated around your face. Choose a natural transition here as block colors won't look as good on short hair.

Ask your hairdresser what they recommend but also make sure you do your own research before you sit down in their chair. 

Check out websites such as Pinterest to find the look that will suit you and your coloring best. This balayage guide is also extremely useful! 


3. Choose a Rose Gold Balayage 

Are you looking to completely mix up your look? Then forget keeping your balayage colors similar to your natural hair color and opt for rose gold!

This look was big last year but it still packs a punch and is simply stunning. Just make sure your hair is maintained with a color-specific conditioner. 

You should also regularly see your hairdresser to keep your hair in check. This look doesn't look so great on split ends but is high class when your do is new!


4. Try out a Grey Balayage 

For anyone with ashy hair color, a grey balayage may beautifully compliment your natural look. 

If you are worried about naturally going grey, then dying your hair a gorgeous grey color before nature takes its course may give you the confidence to see it through. 

Grey is no longer synonymous with being old. Everyone is trying out this interesting color. Don't be surprised to see women in the twenties sporting a grey hairdo! 


5. Balayage for Curly Hair

Do you have very curly hair? Balayage will look great for you! However, you should make sure that you visit a hairstylist who is adept at working with curly hair. 

It can be very easy to apply balayage incorrectly to curly hair when you simply don't know what you're doing. 

Make sure you use a deep conditioner on your hair every week to keep it looking healthy and bouncy! 

Style Your Hair in Waves or Curls

If your hairstylist uses foil, then the lines between your natural hair and the balayage may be more obvious if you always wear your hair straight. 

However, curly or wavy hair will be able to mask and disguise these color breaks and keep your hair looking natural. 

This can require some morning maintenance if you're not used to curling your hair. But, if you already have curly hair, spray in some defrizz spritz and head out the door!


6. Try Balayage With a Money Piece

It's likely that you've already seen this style which has been regularly sported by Beyonce. The money piece beautifully frames your facial features. 

The pieces of hair closest to your face are colored for optimal effect and this helps draw attention to your preferred features.


7. Add Dimension With Gold Flecks

If you have dark hair, you may want to consider adding in a few strands of lighter coloring. 

Not only will this add dimension to your hair but it will also help to make your hair look even darker than it is by contrast. 

Make sure you have many pictures to show your stylist. This look requires you to be very specific with where you want the thin strands placed.


8. Opt for a Sun-Kissed Look 

When life prevents you from spending every day at the beach, opt for a golden, sunkissed look instead. This will give you a luxurious look even during a gloomy winter's day.

Sarah Jessica Parker sports this look gracefully. She often has a lighter blonde balayage starting from just below her cheekbones. 

Ultimately, if you are looking for a way to color your hair without having to spend hours redoing your roots at the hairstylists, then balayage is a great option for you.

After a balayage, your hair will have many colors and tones so you can spend longer away from the hairdresser's chair!

Not only will it help you save money on hair coloring but you'll also look naturally sunkissed for longer!

Which Balayage Hair Color Will You Choose?

With hundreds of different balayage looks to choose from, it's hard to know whether to go for a natural tint or something more dramatic! 

If you haven't dyed your hair before, we recommend trying off with a shade close to your natural hair color. It's likely you'll become hooked on this beautiful, low-maintenance hair coloring method. 

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