Great Vacation Ideas for Trail Runners

Trail running is fun, physically demanding, and of course incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get your exercise in, you can enjoy the thrill of racing along next to some of the world’s most incredible backdrops. This doesn’t mean you should be reckless. If a hike is too treacherous to run along then take your time and pace yourself out. Longer hikes especially can be dangerous for trail runners, but once you learn how to properly pace yourself and what dangers to look out for, any great hike can become an ideal trail run.
If you want to take a vacation, however, then your trail running options will open up far beyond what is available in your own town. You can enjoy trail runs in any of these top destinations around the world:


In Australia

Australia is a great destination for anything nature related – so long as you prepare in advance and know what you are doing. From knowing emergency first aid in case of a mishap with the wildlife to respecting the natural landscapes, there is a lot that travelers can do to improve their relationship with nature. For experienced trail runners, all you need to do is choose any of these great multi-day hikes.


If hiking, running, and camping are not your forte then do not worry. Australia has dozens of beautiful hikes that can be done within a day, making them ideal for trail runners who want to push themselves, but then go home to their own beds. Find one near you and plan your weekend accordingly – you could even make it into a regular event!


Outside Australia

Outside of Australia is a whole world of opportunity. Some of the highlights are:


Any of The United States’ National Parks

The United States of America have many incredible national parks. This is ideal if you want to visit just one or go on an epic road trip.


Do be careful, however. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States can also be incredibly dangerous. Take Zion National Park. It is a must for whenever you want to Visit St George, and can be the perfect backdrop to any vigorous hike, but even experienced runners can be in danger is they attempt to run along its trails.Great Vacation Ideas for Trail Runners


Into Snowdonia

Snowdonia is the UK’s national treasure for dramatic landscapes and fairly easy hiking conditions. With the exception of Snowdonia Peak, most of the trails are great for beginner hikers and trail runners alike. One great highlight is the trail that takes you from the mountain ranges to the coastline, so that you can truly enjoy all that this incredible Welsh park has to offer.


Most hikes are not designed to be run along, but that does not mean you cannot. Simply choose hikes that are designed to be taken by beginners, or are otherwise flat and well maintained. From there it is all about being mindful of your own limits and remembering to enjoy the stunning landscapes of your chosen vacation destination.