GreenRope Makes CRM and Email Marketing a Snap

Many Strands Make Light Work

Lars Helgeson's GreenRope

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In the age of Instagram contests, email newsletters and a tweeting president, no one can argue that the internet is a powerful platform. For businesses – whether small or international – social media and email marketing can drive thousands of people to stores or websites. More powerful than flyers or radio spots, the internet is a company’s biggest asset... or crippling liability, if they fail to understand CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a term that refers to how a business manages and analyzes their customer interactions. The goal of CRM is to optimize business-customer relations with the hope of eventually increasing revenue. A good CRM system can make or break a company, and no one does CRM better than GreenRope.

GreenRope is a San Diego-based CRM company that combines marketing, sales and operations management into one user-friendly platform. Depending on the plan, GreenRope starts at $149 a month, but that price tag buys users a lot: some of the features offered by GreenRope include email marketing, sales and marketing automation, lead and project management, surveys, predictive analysis, social media, websites – and that’s just the beginning. With entrepreneur Lars Helgeson at the helm, GreenRope has grown into a successful business.

Designed with their clients in mind, GreenRope takes the complex, multi-faceted world of CRM and allows all of the pieces to converge in one, strong place – and actually, that’s how GreenRope got its name. Says CEO Lars Helgeson, “Green is for revenue and sustainability, and the rope is because many strands make a rope strong. The more things you connect to the system, the stronger your business.” With a laugh, Helgeson adds, “I also thought [the name GreenRope] was something people might remember.”

GreenRope Lars Helgeson

GreenRope is memorable, but for more than their distinct name. The CRM company is the only software platform in the world that brings marketing, sales and operations management together in one place. Now international, GreenRope is used in 42 countries, with over a thousand businesses using the software across numerous industries. Some, like Cal State San Marcos, the Better Business Bureau and yes, even FINE Magazine, are local. Other companies are oceans away. “Globally, we have Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project using our system,” explains Helgeson. “We work with manufacturing companies in Europe, universities in Europe... all different kinds of industries.”

GreenRope is designed to help businesses run more efficiently, create more revenue and grow quickly by giving consumers access to large amounts of previously inaccessible data. GreenRope analyzes client trends and behavior, showing companies where their interests lie to increase more targeted marketing. Adds Helgeson, “The trick is to do more than just send a monthly email newsletter because everyone gets so much email that they likely won’t take action from that newsletter.”

How is this done? For each email a user sends out, GreenRope analyzes what every recipient does. Do they open the email? Click on a link? What happens after they click on the link? Do they visit key pages on your website that indicate they are interested in buying from you? The software tracks their actions and lets GreenRope users develop a clear picture of their clients. Adds Helgeson, “It’s about detailed analytics but also what you do with the analytics. The real value is being able to say ‘I know this person has taken an action, and I can drive something specific that I know they want across [their screen].’”

GreenRope provides a slew of in- formation that can be used to increase customer relations – and ultimately revenue – in one location. In fact, the hardest part about using GreenRope is spending a few hours setting it up. But once the CRM system is running, it’s well worth it. According to Helgeson, “Our average customer has an increase in revenue of 75% in the first 12 months.” With returns that high, GreenRope has a potential Midas-touch for any small business – it turns client leads into gold.