Groovy Vibes are Back in Style

Bell bottoms are back as the latest women fashion trend

trousers by Celine

Who said the 70s were over? For many, the style ended long ago, but this season designers have been inspired by this unforgettable decade of fashion. Bell–bottoms, otherwise referred to as flare pants, have been popping up everywhere! Runways, the streets of NYC, just about any trendy place you venture to will exhibit this trend.

Flares should be a staple in every woman’s closet, as they provide length and a sex appeal that we can’t gain with basic skinny jeans. If you’re petite, throw on a pair of heels and flares and you will instantly look longer and leaner than ever before. And if you’re curvy, flares will show off your assets in the best way. 

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Women are hesitant to try out this trend, as visions of the ‘70s tend to be bohemian and unkempt. This decade, however, trend setters have taken this style and transformed it in a more polished and appealing manner. 

So, how do you wear flares? It may seem impossible to create a killer ensemble, but with these tips, you will be sure to turn heads: 

Hem your pants

Have your tailor customize your pants. Make sure the hemline goes perfectly with your favorite pair of platforms. You don’t want them to drag on the floor, but you also don’t want to look like you are expecting a flood. These Céline trousers find the perfect balance.

Belt your flares

Choose a timeless leather or trendy chain belt, and pair it with a loose-fitting top. Make sure you tuck the front of your shirt in so that the accessory can be showed off. Go with the classic Hermes belt or channel your inner Kate Moss.

Pair with a pop of color

Pair your pants with a vibrant purse or bright jacket. This will bring focus to your outfit as a whole. If you want the focal point to be the pants themselves, go for a patterned or colored style. Try these Novella Royales

Invest in flared denim, trousers, and soft pants

Flared denim is a must, as you can dress this style with a simple cotton tee. Try these Rag & Bone jeans. Flared trousers can be worn at the office, and will make you look taller than you actually are. Soft pants are the way to go if you seek comfort and an array of patterns. 

Go for a high-waisted fit

A loose crop-top or short jacket is sure to tie your outfit together when paired with high-waisted denim. This is the ideal style if you want to show off your curves. These Carmar denim bells are high quality and the perfect fit. 

Rock a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are easy to wear, since your whole outfit is essentially already planned out. Adding a sash or belt will make your waist look thin and legs look long. This romper from Zara is incredibly flattering.