Guests Who Are Eating Alone

When you run a restaurant, the kinds of things you think about are often more practical in nature.

You probably think about things like commercial refrigerators, commercial ice makers, and commercial kitchen equipment in general. However, your job as a restaurateur is not just having all the right equipment and serving the best food.

It’s also about making each and every guest who comes into your establishment feel comfortable and welcome.

Some of the guests who need this kind of special treatment the most are the guests who come in alone and who eat alone. When it comes to these guests, whether they’re eating alone or by choice, you should make an extra effort to make them feel comfortable.

Tell Your Wait Staff to Amp up the Conversation

Some, but not all, guests who are dining alone will feel awkward and uncomfortable. Perhaps they’ve recently gone through a breakup and have no one to eat with. Or, maybe their usual dining friends are simply out of town.

Whatever the case may be, these people are often in need of extra conversation and friendliness. Thus, encourage your wait staff to interact a little extra with these patrons. They should be friendly and inquisitive, but not prodding or nosey.

Also, make sure your waitstaff is well-trained in how to read body language and other signals people may give off. Some people who prefer to eat alone may actually want less interaction, so too much interaction from the waitstaff could actually put them off.

Your waitstaff should be friendly, especially toward solo patrons, but should also be adept at knowing when to “back off.” These types of skills come through careful and thorough training, which is your responsibility to provide as a restaurant owner.

Have a “Reading Station” in Place

Patrons will often find it easier and more comfortable to dine alone if they have something else to busy themselves with, something like reading material.

Thus, it can be a very nice and thoughtful touch for your restaurant to offer some kind of reading material. You could go all out and get some used books and set up a small station for guests to use. Or, you could keep it simple and low key by offering newspapers or magazines.

Just having an area where guests, if they choose, can pick up and enjoy some reading material can make all the difference in terms of how comfortable solo patrons feel at your establishment.

Offer Free WiFi to Guests

Just as solo guests can be made more comfortable with reading material, being able to access the internet on their phones, tablets, or other devices can also help.

Thus, make sure your establishment offers free Wi-Fi and that the code is somewhere easily accessible since all guests might not feel comfortable asking for it.

These Tips Help Everyone

If you can follow these tips, you will find that solo diners and really all diners feel comfortable and welcome at your establishment.