Cannabis has been one of the controversial substances where some people have believed in its therapeutic benefits while others have seen it as a psychoactive and addictive substance. Cannabis contains various compounds, known as cannabinoids, and based on what cannabinoid is found in abundance in a product, it either delivers only therapeutic benefits or is coupled with psychoactive properties.


So, when we talk about cannabis products that have therapeutic benefits and zero psychoactive properties, one of the products to talk about is hemp oil. There are two major compounds found in cannabis- CBD and THC. The kind of cannabinoid that makes a cannabis product psychoactive is THC. So, if a product does not contain THC, it’s considered free of unwanted psychoactive effects and addictive tendencies. We’ll talk more about THC and CBD in the later sections, but here’s more about hemp oil.




Many people find it challenging to figure out what is the difference between hemp and cannabis. In fact, failing to distinguish between the two is what causes confusion about the properties of both cannabis oil and hemp oil. Furthermore, people mix the concept of marijuana with hemp as well. Hemp is a plant that contains THC but only in traces, if at all (less than 0.3%). However, cannabis is a plant that contains a lot of THC in it. Any product that contains more than 0.3% of THC can be termed as marijuana.




Many people ask if hemp oil or pure CBD oil is legal to use or not. This is a very natural question that comes to people’s minds since there exists this confusion about THC, CBD, cannabis, and hemp. As already mentioned, hemp oil contains less than 0.3% of THC in it. So, almost all states have made hemp and CBD products legal on the condition that they contain less than 0.3% of THC in them.


While many states in the US and many countries make CBD and hemp products legal, there still are some places where these products might not be legal. So, if you plan to use hemp oil or pure CBD oil, make it a point to check if it’s legal in your country or state.




As already discussed, hemp oil made from the hemp plant containing only trace amounts of THC, which is negligible is completely safe to consume. You won’t experience a feeling of high, addiction, or other psychoactive effects.


One thing to note, however, is that the safety of the product also depends on the quality of the hemp oil you use. The quality of hemp oil can be degraded if it’s extracted using harmful chemical solvents. This is because the solvents would also make it to the product and be consumed with it. This, in turn, can do more harm than good. So, when buying hemp oil, choose the product carefully after making sure the manufacturer only sells a quality product.




Hemp oil contains CBD in large quantities. CBD has a number of health benefits, which is why people are talking about it, and researchers study it. There have been tons of experiments and studies that prove the usefulness of CBD in terms of health. Here’s a list of health ailments where one can use CBD to take care of associated symptoms and lessen the severity of the conditions.




Our body has a number of receptors. One of the receptors, known as the CB2 receptor is responsible for monitoring pain perception. CBD in pure CBD oil attaches itself to this receptor and significantly reduces pain. People use CBD oil for pain associated with various conditions, like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.




CBD in hemp oil can also help in reducing the feeling of anxiety. The activity in our limbic system is responsible for the fight or flight response. CBD impacts this part of our brain and reduces the activity in the limbic system, thus reducing anxiety, stress, and other consequences of increased activity in the limbic system.




CBD has been touted as the best remedy for epilepsy by many scientists through various researches and experiments. CBD helps in reducing the frequency of seizure episodes, and this helps epileptic patients lead a better daily life.


Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by the neuron destruction in the brain, which slowly degrades both short term and long-term memory. Various studies show that CBD has neuroprotective properties. It’s also an antioxidant and protects the cells from harmful toxins by destroying them. Thus, the chances of Alzheimer’s disease in old age can be reduced.




You can find hemp oil in different forms for ease of use. Some of the common forms of hemp oil are- vape, gummies, topical gels, creams, and sprays, edibles, and consumable pure CBD oil. Since there are so many forms of hemp oil, consumers can choose the form that they would prefer the most. However, when we talk about effectiveness, hemp oil has an immediate effect when taken in the oil form. The consumer is supposed to take a drop of pure CBD oil and keep it underneath their tongue for about 10 minutes. That way, the CBD in the product quickly gets absorbed into the bloodstream, thus having a very quick effect.


Now that you know so much about hemp oil and pure CBD oil, it’s safe to say that it does have therapeutic properties that can benefit us in many ways. CBD products can even be used in the form of daily supplements as capsules, as they promote an overall physical and mental balance in health. However, whatever hemp product you decide to use, make use you do your research beforehand and only then purchase the product from a reliable manufacturer.


Consuming adulterated hemp products can be worse. So, make sure you check the lab results for yourself and ensure the product actually does what the manufacturer claims. The industry is still young, and people still are unaware of a lot of things about CBD. This gives some greedy manufacturers a good chance to fool people. Thus, it’s essential that you be careful and wise when shopping for a CBD product.