It's quite hard not to be aware of the popularity of Instagram as a way for businesses to interact with their customers on a regular basis. While the traditional methods of advertising and marketing are still popular for many of the companies out there, much like all the other social networks, Instagram is becoming a beehive of activity for businesses that are looking to promote their brand far and wide. All the major brands now have Instagram accounts, a guaranteed sign that the big movers in the world know what needs to be done to keep up with changes in modern society. These companies inevitably get the biggest amount of followers as their popularity is already well-established. However, that's not to say that smaller businesses shouldn't be encouraged to have a go at making it using the platform to promote their own product. If anything, they should be encouraged by it as Instagram offers businesses the chance to expand their customer base at a quicker rate.

What does Instagram offer businesses?

Simply put, a lot. Instagram has more than a billion regular users and 80% of these follow at least one business. In addition to this, research shows that 60% of Instagram users have bought products they first saw on Instagram. With its users spread all across the world, being able to catch the attention of these users means you can take your business global even if, physically, you are still operating from a small location. Instagram is also a great way to level the playing field. Access to the social network is free and all the accounts have the same features available to them. This means that small one-man businesses are able to compete fairly for a share of the audience with the big, multi-national corporations, regardless of the resources either one has at their disposal.

The power of images

A lot of Instagram's popularity is down to its focus on the medium of photography and other types of imagery. This means that messages can be captured in a picture or a video and beamed across the whole world without the need to worry about whether people in other parts of the world will understand what you are saying. Images are part of a common language and they can be understood all around the world, no matter what language the person looking at the image speaks natively. Given the fact that Instagram has a global audience, this cannot be overstated. Similarly, Instagram's use of pictures gives your business the opportunity to show your customers what your products look like, something which can be particularly beneficial if you operate in a sector that has a large visual aspect, such as food, design or clothes.

Getting an Instagram business account

Another benefit of Instagram is the ability to have an open a business account. It is a more enhanced version of the regular account with additional features that better serve the commercial needs of a business when operating on Instagram. These features include the ability to access analytics on how your content is being interacted with, prepare ads for Instagram, get more information about Instagram users in order to help you better develop your products, add extra information so that users can contact you directly through the app and you can also organize your account so that Instagram users can make purchases through your profile. These additions make it far more easy to handle the actual business of having an Instagram account for your business. It also helps provide you with more information about users so you can get to know them better and know how to better prepare future products.

How to get likes on Instagram and why they are important

While any Instagram account can go on to be a huge success and have thousands, if not millions, of followers, it can be difficult to build up a loyal base of followers at the beginning. Unfortunately, this is a crucial component of Instagram as you need to have a large amount of interaction in order for your account to grow. Accounts will grow naturally once they are more popular and their visibility increases but this only comes with regular engagement from other Instagram users. The most common ways to get likes on Instagram involve hashtags, locations, and comments. Instagram users will like content that they are interested in or appreciate so if your content ticks one of these boxes, you can be sure to get some likes. However, first of all, you need to get their attention. Using hashtags is one way to get people's attention as you can aim your posts towards people who search for these hashtags. The important thing is to make sure your post is related to the hashtag. If Instagram users engage with content that is not relevant to the hashtag, they are not likely to give it a like. Locations are important too as people will tend to be interested in things located in their area. If your content is related to it, you can be sure to catch their attention. Comments can also be used to get people's attention if you tag the usernames of people who you think will be interested in the content of your post.

Paying for Instagram likes

If this is not enough and you feel that you still need to get more likes, you can always buy 20 instant Instagram likes from one of the many websites that are willing to help you out. You can then add the likes to the posts and content that you want to and boost your popularity in no time.