HVAC Replacement Provides an Excellent Return on Investment


Heating and AC system replacement


Major home repairs like HVAC replacement are never something we look forward to. But, when the benefits of the project offset some or all of the cost – as they do with heating and air condition systems – it makes the investment worthwhile.


Installing a new HVAC system doesn’t have to break the bank and, when you look at all the ways you can recover your costs, you might decide it makes good sense to undertake the project sooner rather than later. 


Let’s consider the benefits of replacing your old, inefficient system with new heating and AC equipment.


New HVAC Equipment Can Substantially Reduce Your Energy Bills


The bulk of your energy costs go toward heating and cooling your home. So, when you install a new HVAC system based on today’s energy efficiency standards, you will likely be saving more money than you ever imagined.


Install a smart thermostat along with your new heating and air conditioning system and you can save even more.


You can also check with your local utility company and the state and federal government, to see if you qualify for a rebate or tax credit for your new HVAC equipment. If so, this will go a long way to offset your equipment purchase and installation costs.


Replacing Your Heating & AC System Improves the Comfort of Your Home


Can we really put a value on being comfortable in your own home?


With new heating and AC equipment, you will significantly improve both the quality and the comfort of your indoor air. No more hot or cold spots, no more wearing sweaters around the house, and no more having to spend the money for supplemental heating or cooling, such as space heaters and floor fans. 


If you have been using space heaters to supplement your furnace, you will also reduce the risk of having a house fire or having one of your family members get burned. 


HVAC Replacement Improves Your Home’s Value & Salability


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Today’s home buyers understand the importance of saving money and reducing their impact on the environment. With a new, high-efficiency HVAC system in place, many potential buyers will consider making an offer on your home, rather than other houses that still have old, inefficient heaters and AC units. 


The money gurus of Motley Fool reported in USA Today that energy-efficient home improvement projects – like HVAC replacement – can more than pay for themselves when it comes time to sell. 


And, with all the money you save, you beef up your savings account, take a family vacation, or reinvest in other home improvement projects. Other home remodeling projects that offer a great return on investment include replacing your winders, adding a new front entry door, and upgrading your flooring.


The best news of all is that, with today’s rapidly advancing and smart home technology, you might be delightfully surprised by how affordable HVAC replacement has become.