Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Break out your turkey and prepare your best stuffing––Thanksgiving is here, and it's time to feast the weekend away. From juicy cranberry sauce to decadent fruit pies, there's nothing to hate about this magical time of year. Gather your closest friends and family 'round your dining room table (the more the merrier) and dig into the wide array of comfort foods Thanksgiving is known for. Heap on a pile of mashed potatoes, savor some sweet potato fluff and help yourself to a green bean casserole.

No matter what savory treats you like to eat, Thanksgiving has you covered! We know you'll enjoy this favored holiday (we certainly will!), so from all of us here at FINE Magazine, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy the start to the holiday season.

Give your family a tight hug, and stay safe this Black Friday! We can't wait to finish off 2017 with a bang!

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