Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Some people believe in working out at the gym and you can hardly get them outdoors. Others will take any opportunity to do their exercises outdoors that presents itself, like when the weather is nice. Working outdoors not only allows one to have a change of scenery, thus refreshing the mind, but also subjects the trainee to various terrains and challenges for more effective training.

Below are some health benefits of taking your exercises outdoors:

Allows you to stretch your legs

Have you ever found the gym completely packed, for example during the peak season in early January when most people are in a rush to keep up with their New Year resolutions? Well, this leaves the gyms too cramped to even allow one to stretch their legs enough. Conversely, outdoors you have all of the space to yourself to sprint, stretch, throw, jog, run, and discover the athlete in you.

It is a natural stress reliever

Working out outdoors can help to keep seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety, and depression at bay and refreshes the mind. The reason for this is that sunshine naturally raises the level of serotonin, the hormone that influences your mood. On the other hand, exercising stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which is a feel-good hormone that improves your mood and decreases pain.

Working out outdoors has great benefits to your mind, emotions, and physical body. To enjoy even more impact from your workouts, athletes may also consider including steroids from reliable vendors like Valkyrie Online to enhance their metabolism, muscle development, recovery, and for overall fitness.

Cardiovascular benefits

Exercising in the wild or field has been known to have benefits for people of all ages. From a 2014 study on children, it was observed that those who saw natural settings, say a video of a forest setting as they were cycling, recorded lower blood pressure than those who did not view such a video. Furthermore, playing games and taking part in sports outdoors helps kids prevent developing diabetes, cardiac diseases, and near-sightedness. It also significantly reduces the risks of being affected by depression and anxiety.

Gives your body some challenges

You rarely get to exercise on an even surface when doing it outdoors. Fitness experts add that when you work out in any outdoor space, the terrain is constantly varying. This offers your body more beneficial challenges than when you are working out in indoor facilities that offer flat surfaces.

You can be consistent because it is more of a social activity

Do you want to socialize with your buddies and at the same time achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than outdoor workouts. You could have a walk or jog with some buddies during some defined times when you get to socialize as you work out. Adults could also involve themselves in various games and sports such as softball or kickball. You could even join a team in your neighbourhood so that you can meet frequently and work out, thus helping you to be consistent with your exercises as you also revive those old-time feelings you had as a little one playing outside. The best thing is that you do not need any athletic ability.


Outdoor exercises have a ton of physical health benefits as well as mental and emotional benefits. The body gets to experience varying terrain, thus working more, and gets exposure to sunshine for vitamin D. On the other hand, the mind is refreshed and stress relieved while the interactions and change of scenery boost the mood.