Health Guide on How to Gain Muscle

Everyone wants to be in good shape. For some of us, being at a healthy weight and size is perfectly fine, but if you want to gain muscle and strength, you have to up level your health and fitness routine. Here’s a health guide on how to gain muscle and strength.


Add strength training to your routine


If your current fitness routine includes a lot of cardio, that’s great. But to gain muscle, you need to add weight training to your regimen. Lifting weights is a great natural muscle builder because the weights challenge your muscles. When you lift weights, the body’s muscles react accordingly to the challenge. After you complete a workout, the body repairs or replaces the damaged muscle fibers and builds them back stronger and thicker, which creates bigger, functionally-stronger muscles.




So, lifting weights and challenging the body through strength training is necessary to create this biological repair process. Cardio and movement alone won’t get the job done.


Focus on weight over reps


To really stimulate muscle growth, try to focus on lifting a challenging weight, and increasing that weight over time. By continually upping the weight on the bar or in your hands, you’ll continue to challenge your muscles and spur the repair and growth that creates muscle gain. If you lift the same amount of weight constantly, your muscles will not get the stimulation they need to grow and increase in size.


Work with multiple muscle groups at once


Working multiple muscle groups at the same time not only makes your workout more efficient, but it also challenges more of the body at once, which targets multiple muscles at the same time. Plus, by using more muscle groups together, you’ll be able to lift heavier weight, which stimulates more growth. Incorporate combo moves, like squat-to-overhead press, or deadlift-to-upright-row to try this tactic. You’ll burn fat, gain muscle, and maximize your workout time, all at once.




Don’t forget to rest


As mentioned earlier, muscle repair and growth happen not during the weightlifting process, but afterwards. Much of this repair process happens when the body is at rest, during sleep, which is why it’s so important to ensure that a solid night of sleep is a key part of your strength training routine. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to ensure maximum repair time.


If you fail to get enough sleep, the natural process of protein synthesis in the body can slow down or falter, which will hinder muscle growth and void all the hard work you’re doing in the gym.


Supplement your growth


Muscle gain can be achieved naturally with the right routine and approach, but if you’re

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