Health and Mental Benefits of Keeping a Clean Home

Health and Mental Benefits of Keeping a Clean Home



Having a clean home might seem like a hard thing to have and maintain, however if you realize how much it actually affects you and your family’s mental and physical health you would opt for a spotless house that stays that way. Many studies have shown that the space and environment you live in has various effects on you both physically and psychologically. It is important for you to become aware of how a seemingly simple thing like having a clean home can have a direct relation to what you experience in your life.

Psychologically seeking clean homes affect you in various ways. For example having a clean home:

1. Increases productivity

Having a clean home has a quite prominent effect on your productivity both at work and at home. When the place you live in is messy you will find it very hard to be productive. You will leave projects as well as tasks unfinished because of the messy surroundings around you. On the other hand, cleaning up and decluttering will make you way more productive than ever. You will be able to finish much more than you usually do without decreasing the quality of your work. Basically, you and everyone you live with will be very efficient.

2. Reduces fighting

When you have a messy home, chances are you will have more fights with those around you than if you have a clean home. Having a messy home makes you very irritable due to the overwhelming slew of stimuli there is. Being irritable increases the chances of fights as well as arguments with your loved ones. Having a clean home will both decrease that chance as well as give you peace of mind when you are there.

3. Reduces stress

As mentioned before the over stimulation of your brain due to the messy sight of an unclean home causes irritability. Another psychological effect messiness has is inducing stress. Cleanliness, however, reduces stress that you have whether due to messiness or due to any other part of your life. To further reduce the stress you have in your life due to messiness and wanting to have a clean home but not having time to clean it yourself is to hire a cleaning service. For example, you can always be sure to find a cleaning service in Cleveland oh that has professionals who take cleaning your home off of your mind so that you can de-stress even more.


4. Sparks creativity

Due to the fact that clean homes reduce stress levels as well as irritability, they also give you more creativity than living in a mess would do. Having clutter around you blocks your creativity from flourishing into something and instead it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. This is especially true for those who work from home or have jobs which need creativity and imagination. This also affects your children because messes will stunt their creativity too. Cleaning thoroughly will give you and your family the mental boost needed for your creative juices to flow.

Physically, keeping your home clean also has many benefits that will help make you and your family’s life better. Some of these benefits include:

1. Reducing allergies and asthma

A clean home is a sure way for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma to lessen the possibility of  having an allergic reaction to any particles in the air. Clean homes are free of dust and other particles which might be a cause for allergies even if you have never had any hint of allergies before. You can also get an air purifier so that you do not have to worry about cleaning or dusting your home except every once in a while.

2. Lessening the spread of germs

If someone at home had any type of illness that could be contagious, having a clean home will lower the chances of others living in the same place contracting the same illness. Most of the time there is one germ or another being spread. Cleaning your home regularly protects you from those germs. Germs also affect any pets you have living with you. Investing in a regular cleaning service or doing the job yourself is going to lower future medical bills because a cleaner home means better health.

3. Keeping pests away

Adding to the idea of lowering the chances of catching any kind of illness, clean homes make it very hard for pests to enter. Many pests are carriers of diseases. Having pests is not just a nuisance for you, they can cause great damage to both your home and your health. Pests like cockroaches and rats have a higher chance of infesting your home if it is not clean. Termites which infest due to moisture in wood due to neglect by eating through the structural foundation of your home make it dangerous for you to live there because your home may collapse over you.

4. Making you sleep better

As mentioned above having a clean home reduces stress. This in turn makes you have a better sleeping pattern than having a messy home does. It is proven that people who have a clean home lowers the chance of fretting depression. Having depression messes up your sleep schedule significantly which could lead to insomnia or oversleeping. Both of these outcomes are a sure way to have imbalance in your life and surround you with negative energy. This is also going to affect your efficiency at doing tasks and interacting with others.


Better lifestyle

Having a clean home affects every aspect in your life. It spreads positive energy because it lessens the stimuli around you, which lowers your exposure to visual pollution. It also urges you to make better life choices like having better eating habits as well as pay attention to your personal hygiene. Not only does having a clean home affect you like that, it also has an impact on the people you have in your life. Having a clean home urges you to be more socially active with those around you in the community.