Here's Why You Should Add a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

People love taking photos, especially at events. Today’s smartphone and fast internet connection have allowed people to take photos and share them in a few strokes. People take almost 2 billion photos daily, just imagine 100 years ago photography took hours to see your shots. Now, you can take a picture of your thumb or pocket by accident and see them immediately afterward. Social media has developed around people’s interest in capturing moments and posting them for general consumption. The technology has evolved not only in taking pictures but also in enhancing them and applying appendages to the image.


With people’s ability to take pictures on a whim, why is there a need for photo booths? More interestingly, why are they gaining popularity in social gatherings nowadays? Events are made more entertaining with the presence of photo booths. If you have an upcoming event be sure to hire a photo booth in your town, to make that affair a memorable one. This gives you the platform to splurge on your creativity with a theme of your choice and it engages the participants to take part in the program. The benefits of having them in your event vary, but the main reason to have them is to give people something to do in relation to the event.

Here are some reasons why you should hire these services for your next event:

It’s An Additional Entertainment

If you tried taking a photo in a well-decorated photo booth, you’d know that a few clicks would not be enough. You’ll want to take more with different poses utilizing the design prepped by the vendor. It’s just that fun. You will also notice the line for the booth is filled with people who’d want to take another photo of themselves. People are drawn to enjoy the creative work of others, especially when they can include themselves in it.

It’s Not Going to Break the Budget

They are not expensive and the added value they bring to the even would make their price worth it. If you want to hire them for your party, you might want to set a number of hours to enlist their services, since they are paid by the hour. You’ll even have them at a more affordable price than the hired professional photographer. They also cost less than having an open bar or a grand dessert buffet.

It Engages The Guests

The guests are the booth’s subjects. So in a way, a creative booth will be flocked by guests and it will make the party more lively. If you’re an organizer and you see your people just sitting in their seats at a party, it can be disheartening. You’d want them to mingle with other people and enjoy themselves with the party favors provided. Also, with people flocking into a smaller booth, they will have a chance to mingle and inspire a connection. It will be a good place to build rapport with some guests while they’re having fun.

You Can Give The Photos As Unique Giveaways

With the easy access to getting your own photos in an event, the booth and its unique designs are a good way to send people away with something that would remind them of the party. You can have the booth decorated with the couple’s nuptial pictures or theme, or you can have it designed to express the party’s message. This way, when people go home with photos of themselves, they can say that they were part of that program and what it stood for.




You can let your guests’ imagination run wild with an endless option of props. Social media and other apps can edit photos on the phone, but nothing beats real and tangible props to play with. These props will help you immerse the guest in the theme of the booth and the party as well with comical chat bubbles, funny hats, outrageous shades, costumes, and many more.

It Takes the Load Off You

When you hire a vendor for photo booths, the proprietor or their staff will usually handle the operations, maintenance, and crowd control in the booth. This will give an added feature that virtually gives you any task to do. The guests will be busy with a particular party favor that you won’t have to constantly oversee and take part in operating. You will have more bandwidth to take care of the other items on your list pertaining to the party.

Doesn’t Take Too Much Space

Like its namesake, it’s just a booth. It won’t take too much space that you’ll have to redo your entire layout of the party. You only need to make sure that it has an electrical connection if you’re having it outdoors, provide shade from the heat or rain, and if you want to give them access to the internet. You will also need to put it on the side so the crowd won’t be blocking major pathways of the event for food, equipment, and so on.



Photos are Accessible

They can upload the photos online so that people will have access to it if they didn’t get a print of the shot they want. It will also be easier for them to share it online through their respective social media accounts. This is a good way to market a charity event when you have influential guests taking part in a photo that is heavily designed to convey your advocacy.

Good For Marketing

You can incorporate your products into the design of the booth, which makes it a sound marketing strategy. The photos that your guests will take home will have the brand of your service or product that you want to push. The creative effects in the booth will make it attractive to the users and it will definitely score some points for you.

You don’t need to be a photography master or a tech wizard to have them on your event, which makes this an easy additional feature. It’s important that you get the booth match the theme of the affair so that you can make an effective part of the program. What are you waiting for? Your next event might be the next big talk in town when you can masterfully incorporate a photo booth to your arsenal of ideas.