Home Hacks: 7 Tips To Organize Your Dream Bedroom

The look of any room is dependent on how well it is organized. You can have the best view with the most astonishing drapes and all the attention will go to ill placed pieces and piles of clothes. Yes, the chores and responsibility of everyday life can pull you in every direction away from attending to your living space. But there’s a grand payoff to getting home and seeing how well placed and put together everything is. That exhale of relief as you plop down on your bed is absolutely priceless. Here’s 7 good tips to organize your dream bedroom.

1) Keep The Essentials, Toss the Rest.

We all have a tendency to hoard a little. Whether it be keepsakes from our favorite vacation, or little trinkets we know to look great with that dress you wore once five years ago, our capacity to keep items is immense. Unfortunately, these little items are the enemy of good organization. We often attach unnecessary meaning to a lot of these little knickknacks. They distract us from our purpose and we end up strolling down memory lane instead of getting organized. They impede on the primary objective. And in some people, this is a manifestation of a serious, but manageable disorder that has been known to creep up later in life.  Minimize these items by selling them off or donating them to your local shelter. There’s always bound to be someone that could appreciate it and use it more than you. Remember, seasons and fashion may be cyclical, but that doesn’t stop us from adding to the growing number of items in our possession. We still browse the winter catalogue no matter how many jackets we have Take time to clear it up.

2) Manage Surfaces

Your next task is to organize surfaces. This goes hand in hand with tip number one, but you can’t imagine how many people come up with such silly excuses not to get surfaces together. The main one--and more of us are guilty of this than not, is: “I know where everything is! If I organize it, I’ll have to find things all over again, and it’s just a hassle.” Does this sound familiar? The statement is entirely nonsensical. But there’s a shred of truth in the sentiment. One needs, especially in a workspace, for things to be on hand. That means that staplers, pens, and legal pad are within reach whenever the need for their function calls. The simple fix is to have a designated area for each and not stray from that. It may seem like an “added hassle” at first, but over a short amount of time, you’ll be able to have everything at your disposal while maintaining a good, clean looking space.   


3) Invest In Space-saving Furniture

The furniture pieces are the kings and queens of the master bedrooms. They dictate exactly how much room you have to move around, do yoga, play with your kids, etc. Having space saving pieces are absolutely essential for keeping up with the daily to and fro. And when it comes to space-saving furniture like dressers, quality matters. There’s a difference between clunky, run-of-the-mill dressers and luxurious HomesDirect365 dressing tables in terms of appearance and usability. French styles are famous for being able to stand their ground as design pieces in addition to being highly functional. On top of that, you’d absolutely want to keep it organized. Not doing so would take away from the beauty of the furniture itself. You can also invest in under-bed storage. This is an absolute must for anyone with a large sweater collection. Instead of putting them in your closet, where it will take up space for half the year, put them under your bed. You can forget about them and make way for summer fashion. 

4) Declutter Dressers and Closets 

Speaking of closets, keep yours as perfect as humanly possible. The other tips are great suggestions, sure. But organizing closets and dressers are one-hundred percent, the most important thing on this list. Most loose items are due to closet overflow. They’re the sun dresses we bought, but have to squeeze in between the fifty other sundresses that we have. When it comes to clothes, we have to be realistic. Think about the last time you wore that particular garment. How did you feel? Why haven’t you worn it in so long? Given that we have over 365 chances to wear an outfit, why has that particular one not gone in rotation? After answering these key questions, donate. You’ll feel a lot better knowing that you’ve given the time to pay attention to your surroundings and the clothes you wear. You can reset and get back in the rhythm with a new, downsized closet. 

5) Manage Your Laundry

If you’re like most normal people, you want to get out of stinky clothes immediately. Whether you’re coming home from the gym, or work, or out on the town, we all can’t wait to jump out and throw on our favorite 15 year old basketball shorts. But where do the stinky clothes invariably end up? They end up on the floor, somewhere by the toilet bowl, or hanging off the door. This is a bad habit. It’s very common, but essentially it’s throwing clutter on a potentially beautiful facade. Keep your laundry where it’s supposed to be. I don’t mean a random basket in the corner of your room, I mean a special hamper that gets emptied every week and washed. The value of knowing where to put your dirty clothes is in the assurance that things won’t get lost, and you don’t accidentally walk out smelling like last night’s yoga class. 

6) Seek Professional Help 

If all else fails, seek professional help. There’s nothing wrong with some scheduled commercial cleaning from a reputable company you trust. It’s important to do some organizing beforehand. Many cleaning services are highly professional and the number one complaint they get is about missing items. Nine times out of ten, the customer finds it and apologizes for assuming the worst about a business they sought out to use. Don’t be that person. Find all your small valuables and put them in a special place. Take a picture of them and label the box “do not open.” This clears up any confusion and you can rest assured that you’ve taken steps to protect both your valuables and another person’s reputation. 

7) Build Lasting Habits 

When it comes to organization, one has to accept that it’s a skill. And like any skill, it has to be exercised often enough to become second nature. That’s why the importance of upkeep is rooted in repetition. The skill of organization pours out into other aspects. You’ll find your writing, your emails, and your mode of thinking to be just a bit more put together. Those are lasting habits and keeping them is very, very important.


There you are! Seven tips to organize your dream bedroom. Remember that all of these are dependent on you. It takes a special initiative outside of work and family to get this done. So in the spirit of organization, schedule your decluttering and donating as soon as you can. Putting it off will assure it doesn’t get done and that beautiful room of yours just might stay messy. We’re better than that. We can do this. Happy organizing!