Hot Diggity Dog's Delicious Food!

Food Bewitched Our Stomachs at Hot Diggity Dog!

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Hubert's Lemonade

Huberts Lemonade

Huberts Lemonade is well-known for making the best, most flavorful lemonade in town. Featuring new flavor Blood Orange Lemonade, Huberts is a sweet sampling of delicious juice.

Invo Coconut Water
Photo by Gary Verholtz

Invo Coconut Water

Invo Coconut Water is a delicious hydrating experience filled with fresh flavor. From tropical mango flavoring to pure coconut water, Invo offers cold-classic and delicious water. With no extra additives, Invo is a perfect healthy treat!

Isabelle Brien's French Pastry Cafe

Isabelle Brien's French Pastry Cafe

Known for producing amazing savory and sweet treats, Isabelle Brien's French Pastry Cafe is a flawless brunch location. With coconut cookies, freshly made crêpes, and grilled paninis, Isabelle Brien's French Pastry Cafe is your dream destination. This cafe is located in Encinitas.



Organic food was served by San Diego's premier natural foods grocer Jimbo's at Hot Diggity Dog. Featuring well-seasoned rice and mixed veggies, Jimbo's offered a healthy snack perfect for a lovely evening out with the family.

The Kebab Shop

The Kebab Shop has locations throughout San Diego, including Mira Mesa, Little Italy, Rancho Bernardo, and Encinitas. With gluten free options, sandwiches, and döner boxes, The Kebab Shop is a mouth-watering restuarant.