Hot Fashions at Haute 2 Trot

Haute 2 Trot Entertained All Night

Violet Vixens Dance Team

Photos by Madison Michelle

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Oh, what a night! FINE Magazine’s 2nd annual Haute 2 Trot event was a hit at the Del Mar Plaza Deck in partnership with the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club complete with specialty drinks, gourmet food, and the latest fashions. Everyone was dressed in full-blown racing attire, and the hats were nothing short of fabulous. Enjoy stellar entertainment at the Haute 2 Trot fashion show!

Billy Fedak

Guests were welcomed with a musical performance by Billy Fedak and his band. Fedak began performing at the age of 12, and since then he has totaled over thousands of live performances across the beautiful state of California. He strummed his guitar throughout the night entertaining with his pitch-perfect voice and lovely melodies. 

DJ Dan from 35 Productions

The pulse of the party was brought to you by DJ Dan as he kept the beat alive into the late hours. He was able to put a pep into the models' steps during the hat competition and he created just the right atmosphere for every fashion designer with his tunes and rhythm.

Violet Vixens

These ladies blew the crowd away with their twists and turns. The group incorporated lit hula hoops during the dance to welcome the night. Their energy was up and vibrated throughout the crowd as they performed their number with their signature sassy and sultry personalities shining through.

The Hat Contest

An array of colors and fabrics took the stage as women in attendance walked the runway showcasing their stylish hats. With judges Deena Von Yokes of Studio Savvy and Joe Cuviello of Cuviello Agency running this year’s contest, the event was a hit.The two also direct the Opening Day Hat Contest and the Hollywood Fashion Contest for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club that takes place every summer and fall on opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack.

Our Emcees

Ashley Jacobs & Nichelle Medina from News 8 starred as the presenters for the fashion show portion of the night. The two played off one another with witty humor and great descriptions of the different designers as they walked the runway. Their infectious smiles had the audience gleaming with excitement.

Carol Bader Design & Loghman’s Jewelers

Located in the Del Par Plaza, Del Mar Hat Co. is no stranger to the location. The models glided down the runway showing off their scarves trailing behind them full of color and life. The hats were distinct with one of a kind designs and the jewelry was by Loghman's Jewelers paired flawlessly with each ensemble presented by Carol Bader's wonderful designs.

Gary’s Men’s Clothing

While the women’s fashions were beautiful, the men stepped up to the plate, refusing to be overshadowed. Gary’s Men’s Clothing featured elegant collections from designers such as Canali, Isaia, Samuelsohn, and many more. Gary's is the place to find everything from a casual outfit to formal clothing.

Peaches en Regalia 

The men's and women's fashions from Peaches en Regalia showcased luxurious brands such as Eva Varro, Nicole Miller, Robert Graham, and Luciano Visconti. Both genders were stunning as they strutted their stuff down the runway in bright colors and trends perfect for your next visit to the racetrack. If there was something that caught your eye, you can find them at the Del Mar Plaza or call (858) 792-7400 Ext 1

Style on the Go

A pop-up shop that has everything a girl could need! With the latest trends and fashions, Style on the Go brought a young, fun, beach vibe to the runway as the models showed off only the most fashionable casual trends. Mixed in with the casual, Style on the Go dressed up the ensembles with ravishing accessories and eye-pleasing ascetics.

Coco Rose in Carlsbad and Queen Eileen's in Encinitas

The mother-daughter getaway to the island of Bali is where it all began. Their love for travel and the heritage of the artisans were reflected in their pieces at the Haute 2 Trot event. Each model showcased delicately woven fabrics and color-coordinated looks.

Satori Designs

Satori Designs contributed six different looks to the fashion show, all of which were absolutely stunning. Satori Designs can be found in Pangea Outpost or online. Satori Designs features an eclectic collection of women's clothing and accessories from around the world. It’s for women who love the dance of life. 

MK Collab

MK Collab offers an entrepreneurial platform for fashion lovers to branch out with their own eBoutique website. The brand wants to empower those around them with financial freedom while being able to do what they love. The looks for the evening flowed effortlessly with the help of their merchandising experts!