How Body Image Can Influence Self-Esteem in Men

Despite the general consensus that only ladies worry over their appearance, gentlemen are as much likely to self-reflect on their natural attributes. With the rise of the modern fitness lifestyle and other ‘Alpha male’ characterizations, a lot of men are beginning to feel inadequate and helpless, which takes a toll on their overall confidence. It’s important to realize that constant pondering over certain physical attributes may have far-reaching consequences and be a handicap to mental wellness. As a matter of fact, fixating on body image can prevent you from leading a fruitful personal, professional or romantic life.


To help you gain a better understanding of this phenomenon, we’ve put together a friendly guide explaining some of the reasons why and how body image affects male self-esteem. We’re also providing tips and solutions to remedy these common issues and guide you toward the path of self-love and acceptance!


  1. Standards of Masculinity


Not to start a whole gender roles argument, but society does put an immense amount of pressure on men, too. Depending on cultural contexts, men are conditioned and expected to grow into fully accomplished boys, teenagers, employees, husbands, and fathers. Attractiveness also comes into the mix, as several studies have shown that handsome men tend to succeed and perform better in life compared to their average-looking counterparts. As such, many will begin to feel faulty and incomplete for not having won the genetic lottery, striking negative feelings and thoughts toward themselves.


  1. Physical Self-Consciousness


The fact of the matter is that many men are unhappy with what they see standing in front of the mirror. They’re just less likely to be open about it to their relatives or friends. From the lack of developed muscles and premature hair loss to inconvenient height, there are a thousand reasons for men to feel unsatisfied with their appearance. While some people are perfectly capable of looking over their physical ‘flaws’ and not feel the slightest bit embarrassed by them, self-acceptance can prove infinitely more complicated for others.


  1. Romantic Problems


One of the most common reasons why men feel insecure has to do with penis size. More often than not, stereotypes acquired from watching (too much) porn movies will dictate that a ‘real’ man must carry a large tool between his legs. This unfortunate misconception can create envy and a desire for equality, prompting some to look for solutions. To avoid invasive and costly medical procedures, using a solution like this can prove helpful in remedying familiar bedroom problems. Just remember to look for quality and certified products whenever you’re on the hunt for phallic enlargement options – it’ll go a long way in maximizing your experience, all in a safe and convenient manner.


  1. What You Can Do, Starting Now


Thankfully, there are countless ways to escape the spiral of poor body image and regain control of your self-esteem. However, it does require a lot of commitment, consistency, and self-motivation to be able to overcome your insecurities. Depending on what you’re troubled or anxious about, here are some things you could start taking to strike a better life balance:


  • Focus on Your Qualities – This may sound rosy, but the ability to appreciate yourself for what you’re good at can go a long way in helping you achieve more self-esteem.


  • Adopt Healthier Habits – You’ll be amazed at what some meal planning, a gym subscription, and perseverance can do to revitalize you and help you get in better shape.


  • Pick Up a Hobby – Adopting a new hobby is a formidable opportunity to leave your own mind, explore your natural curiosity, and foster new relationships. Running, team sports, music or meditation are incredibly therapeutic.


  • Set New Goals – Likewise, new objectives (graduating with honors or getting a promotion at work, for example) can be a considerable boost to your routine.


  • Share Your Experience – Don’t be afraid to speak out about what makes you feel self-conscious. Find a support group or a qualified therapist to express your feelings in a safe place.


  • Consider Cosmetic Surgery – Although it’s not a decision to be taken lightly, undergoing plastic surgery for liposuction or rhinoplasty may be an option to correct your physique. 


Ultimately, all men have something they feel self-conscious about, regardless of how insignificant it may seem to them or to others. Now, conquering a bad self-image is a demanding exercise that requires openness to one’s self, proactiveness, hard work, and a desire for emancipation. In any case, always remember to focus on what’s good in your life, instead of contemplating or obsessing over your dissatisfaction. It’s guaranteed to make you a more fulfilled and self-sufficient being!