How Can Construction Cameras Enhance Your Marketing Efforts?

The U.S. construction industry is getting more competitive than it used to be. The PWC Engineering and Construction Trends report indicated that recent changes have resulted in many companies struggling to stay on the curve.


The report noted that the rise in public-private partnerships, increased material costs, and technology development all contributed to the growth of competition.


PWC added that construction companies who can adapt to innovative technologies like construction cameras would beat these challenges and prosper in 2019. In general, construction cameras are used by businesses to ensure security and safety on a job site.


However, its usage has since evolved with construction companies leveraging it to create time-lapse videos to impress and get new clients. Scroll down and learn more about how construction cameras can help improve your marketing strategies and generate more clients.


Cameras Can Document Your Workflow


Documenting workflows can centralize and systematize repeatable tasks. Hence, it reduces room for errors and enhances overall efficiency.


Construction cameras are a great way to document workflows to enable managers to make smarter and quicker decisions. Documentation also allows managers to discover patterns that can help determine the root causes of their losses.


Keep in mind that losses in the construction industry grew by nearly 50% last year. With videos and photographs, construction managers can quickly identify problems and adjust their marketing strategies to improve the operational efficiency of their businesses.


Cameras Add Benefit to Client Meetings


Construction cameras are also essential in enhancing presentations to ensure that clients and stakeholders understand different processes. While stock photography can be a great alternative, using your photos exudes professionalism and credibility, both of which are essential in further operations.


Cameras can also be leveraged in impressing a new client. Meeting new clients is more like a job interview.


Companies have to inspire confidence, ooze professionalism, and thoroughly persuade the client that their investment is in good hands. With construction cameras, businesses can highlight milestones, essential functions, and enhance powerpoint presentations to deliver a great first impression.


Safety and security are significant problems in the industry, with construction companies losing roughly $1 billion annually because of theft. Construction cameras, with its round-the-clock recording capabilities, create an impression that you take great pride in safety more than anything else. 


Cameras Let Companies Create Promotional Videos


On average, video production costs between $900 to $9000 nationwide depending on runtime, location, graphics, and the number of cameras.


With construction cameras, businesses will be able to develop engaging promotional videos at an affordable rate. In most cases, construction cameras are brimming with time-lapse features that enable users to tell a powerful story by compressing footage to capture short attention spans.


According to a Microsoft study, the average human attention span is eight seconds. That is a sharp four-second decrease from an average of 12 seconds in 2000.


Organizations can highlight years' worth of footage into a few seconds to deliver a punchy advertisement.


A powerful time-lapse video for your construction project can deliver community engagement, excellent PR value, internal engagement, and overall business development.