How Long Does it Take to Build A Pool

Millions of people dream of having their own pool to swim and lounge in right at their home. But one thing they all dread is the long wait they have to endure as their pool gets built on their yards. Not to mention the inconvenience from dust, noise, and neighbors complaining!


A few years back, it could take as long as six months to build a pool from start to finish.  But with today’s technological advances, people no longer have to wait months just to take a dip in their own pool. Believe it or not, some pools can be built in as little as two days.


Our fiberglass pools here at Riverina are pre-built in a factory. This takes away all the inconvenience of building a cement pool. There’s more to building pools than just digging a hole and installing a fiberglass pool.


Take a look at this quick breakdown of the whole process;


7 Steps for Building a Pool


Conventional pools made with cement usually take up to 6 months to build depending on the size, weather, contractor, location and materials used.  Modern pools on the other hand, like ones made with fiberglass, can take as little as a few days. Let us discuss the various steps one has to take in order to build a pool.


  1. Permitting

Getting the building permit is the first thing builders need to ensure. This usually takes 2-10 weeks depending on where you live. In worse case scenarios, permitting can take as long as a year.  This can happen because of extra requirements like attendance at board meetings and involvement of engineers.


  1. Design

Once your building permit is secured, the builders can proceed with designing your pool. Some builders can offer ready-made designs that can make this process as quick as a day. However, custom designs may have you waiting for up to four weeks.


  1. Excavation

After your pool design is finished, the next step is to excavate your land. If everything works out well, without any complications, excavation should not take more than one week, again this is very much dependent on the size and unforeseen factors like weather


  1. Underworks

Underworks refer to the application of plumbing, electrical, and steel for your pool. This process usually takes up to two weeks. Do take note that it may take longer depending on your pool preferences. For example, adding lighting, jets, heating, spas, and other amenities can significantly affect the delivery of work.


  1. Finishing

Once the underworks are laid out right, builders will then move on to the finishing of your pool. Conventional pools are usually finished with cement, plaster, vinyl, and gunite. If you’re building a conventional pool, you can expect this step to take as long as three weeks. Fiberglass pools on the other hand come ready made and is often installed directly on site. Being so, a fiberglass pool finishing can get done in as little as a day without any complications.


  1. Landscaping & Decks

The last thing builders do is finish the pool with decks and landscaping. Depending on the complexity of your landscape and deck design, this step can take somewhere between 2 days up to 4 weeks.


The Bottom Line


Now that you’re familiar with the 6 different steps of building a pool, you must now have an idea as to how long it can actually take to get a pool built at your home. Generally, conventional pools made with concrete can take as much as six months to finish. As for modern fiberglass pools, you’d have to wait for more or less a month to get it all done.


Do take note that even though we’ve provided a fair estimate of how long each step could take to get done, there are still other factors that can highly affect the time your pool gets delivered.


Factors like manpower, equipment, weather, budgets, obstructions, location, and neighbors can greatly affect the timeline for your pool. This means that at the end of the day if you plan to have your own pool quick, there’s no better time to start than now.