How Subscription Boxes Are Transforming the Beauty Industry

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Beauty Subscription Boxes

The beauty industry is perhaps one of the most ruthless and constantly changing industries out there. As fast as a product becomes today’s hottest must-have item, it’s thrown to the side to make room for that next must-have beauty product. Enter the world of subscription boxes, in particular beauty-based boxes. These boxes are now changing the way trends develop, grow, and live, and it seems as though consumers are welcoming the change.

Creating Trends

One of the biggest ways these subscription box services are transforming the beauty industry is that they are proactive when it comes to trends, rather than reacting to the trends already taking place. Well-known social media gurus, beauty bloggers and vloggers are now making it a habit to feature “unboxing” videos and posts, which essentially create buzz about the products contained in the box.

Companies are realizing that one of the best ways to market themselves is by word of mouth thanks to social media. They are now rushing to get their products included in the boxes, which creates a winning situation for consumers who are able to sample and try not just drugstore products, but high-end items that may normally be out of their price point.

Filling a Gap

These subscription boxes seem to be filling a gap that many weren’t aware existed. The subscription boxes provide a very different experience to shopping in the store, but it’s also different than a traditional e-commerce transaction where the consumer shops online. 

Consumer Research at Its Finest

From the company's perspective, these boxes are giving them a fabulous way to conduct consumer research in a way they've never been able to experience before by checking out how consumers are reacting to their products through videos, photos, and blogs.

The beauty industry is a $60 billion industry and brands and companies are constantly looking for a way to get a bigger slice of the pie. Customer feedback helps them choose the products/services to make, who their target audience is, and how to market to them.

It’s Not Just the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry isn’t the only one that is reaping the rewards these subscription boxes offer. You’ll also find subscription boxes in other industries, such as the food-based boxes like the Farm To People and Bon Appetit boxes, hobby-based boxes such as those you'd find through auster, boxes meant for those with a passion for reading like the OwlCrate and the Novel Tea Club, and so many more.

It really doesn’t matter which industry the box is from: they are all having a huge impact all across the board.

A Trend with More Growth in Store

Thanks to the way these subscription boxes have been welcomed by the brands and the consumers, expect for this trend to continue to grow in 2017, paving the way for even more boxes and more options. Companies love the fact they can create their own buzz and trends.

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