How To Be Prepared for Surprise Guests

No one enjoys surprise guests, but it’s always better to be prepared for sudden visits than not, right? And if you’re generally a social person that can actually expect surprise guests to show up at their door, you want to make sure that your home looks and feels nice and that you have just the right snacks and drinks to welcome your guests properly. Obviously, aside from having certain items in stock at your home, some home maintenance habits will also be in order. If you manage to adopt these habits, not only will you be prepared for surprise guests, but you’ll enjoy your personal environment more with minimal effort.

Decluttering and designating space

First things first; if you want to make sure that your home is mess-free, you should try your best to keep it clutter-free as well. Basically, declutter is not just about your clothes and beauty products, but decorative accessories, furniture and other pieces one would usually keep at home. Use what truly makes you happy in your décor. Moreover, it’s equally important to have a designated space for everything in your home. That way, you’ll just need to place something back to where it belongs after you’re done using it and you’ll avoid making additional mess. When you think about it, this habit requires almost no effort on your part at all, yet it will keep your home presentable for sudden guest visits.

Quick cleaning routine

Just like you want to make a habit of putting things back to their rightful place and stop hoarding stuff you don’t really need, it’s pretty important that you develop a regular cleaning routine for your home. Now, this doesn’t have to be too difficult. Honestly, if you just take 5-10 minutes of your day – depending on the size of your home – you can actually tidy up whatever’s necessary for that day or the day before. After all, doing that every day means very little work and a constantly tidy home for you, which is definitely a lifesaving situation when you find yourself with surprise guests visiting.

Easy “getaway” products

There are some products that will definitely come in handy in case you have a sudden visit. For starters, air fresheners can truly make a difference, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, a toilet freshener should be a regular part of your bathroom setup, so keep a backup just in case. Scented candles in a generally pleasant scent such as vanilla are also something that you should keep in your home; not only will the scent feel relaxing but the candles will create a nice ambience as well. Similar can be achieved with essential oils and incense burners as well. You can also make use of furniture wet wipes in case you don’t have the time for a more thorough cleanup.

The right setup for a guest feast

No one expects you to organize an amazing lunch or dinner for a surprise guest visit. However, it’s expected to have some refreshments and snacks to offer to your guests. But, aside from food and drinks, it’s even more important to present this in a personal and homey manner. That said, an elegant Stanley Rogers Albany cutlery set or something similar, interesting cups and/or fancy glasses, nicely designed tableware, table cloths and coasters, etc. can truly impress your guests even if you may not be able to offer them some grand lunch or dinner.

The go-to snacks and drinks

As mentioned, the whole tableware setup can sometimes be even more important than the actual food and beverages that you end up serving. After all, these elements give away the feeling of “adultness” and make you seem like someone who keeps everything under control. But, snacks such as popcorn, chips and peanuts are really easy to store and can be the perfect companion for friendly guest chats. You can also keep frozen pastries in your freezer that only need quick microwaving to be ready for serving. Some kind of juice or at least lemons for homemade lemonade are always welcome as are coffee and tea. When it comes to alcohol, a bottle of red and white wine should be a part of your permanent stockpile without a doubt.

You can always adjust the type of snacks and drinks you want to always keep fully stocked in your home in case of surprise guest visits depending on what you personally like and find appealing. But, when it comes to the mentioned habits, it’s important to try and practice them in your daily life until you completely get used to them. After all, taking the time to clean up after yourself and avoid clutter, with the overall tidying up for a couple of minutes will make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your home. That said, your place will always feel warm, pleasant and welcoming, both to you and your guests.