How To Differentiate Between The Various Types of Fireplaces


In the early days, adding a fireplace to your home was the only way to warm your house during the cold winter season. Noteworthy is the fact that it performs functions other than heating a room. It gives the atmosphere of a house an incomparable romance. The use of a fireplace to keep a house warm has been improved in modern times with many inventions. Notwithstanding, the appeal of the traditional fireplace is still irreplaceable. A lot of people still look for ways to get the adorable view of the fireplace and its beauty. Having a fireplace in your home can make you feel the vibe of old-time memories of family gatherings near the fireplace.


In modern homes, stylish fireplaces are fast becoming a must-have. It is an interesting focal point in the living room. Today, fireplaces are not just meant for keeping a house warm; they are now majorly for aesthetics. The fireplace is just the perfect spot to make a statement, whether your style is modern, rustic or classic. The most common fireplaces are the electric ones. Unfortunately, many people do not know which of the different types of fireplaces they should buy. According to a blog post on many people make the costly mistake of buying an electric fireplace insert when in actual sense what they need is a freestanding electric fireplace, or vice versa.  But by reading reviews and different articles online, you can avoid making the same mistake by making an informed decision.


If you are thinking of having a fireplace in your home and you are confused as to which type to use, here are a few differentiators when it comes to fireplaces.

Natural Wood Burning Fireplace

This is the most beautiful type of fireplace; it has an open-hearth style. It is quite expensive to build since it requires a ground-based level with stonework and a tower sticking out because the top of the flue which is the lining of the chimney has to be at least two feet above the roofline. The masonry will have to go all the way up on the slide and it will also require an outside veneer. It is mainly constructed in such a way that the woods or coals in it which is a great heat source can burn up and produce heat in the room.



Few homes have this kind of fireplace installed since the modern era has replaced it with electric heaters, but some people still try to keep the feeling alive in their homes by building up the crackling fire-type of a fireplace to enjoy the warmth of it. Many kinds of wood are well in a fireplace but seasoned wood is the best to use in this type of fireplace. Hardwoods, like oak, almond, and apple, have the highest BTU content which will produce more heat. Softwoods, like fir, pine, and cedar, are great starter woods as they ignite quickly.

Gas Fireplace

This type of fireplace, as the name implies, uses gas fuel. It is easier to install than the natural fireplace, especially if you have a limit on your budget and you want to save floor space. This fireplace is complete with stone surround, sturdy health, and wood mantel.  It has a cleaner and more traditional look. It comes with a chase, an insulated structure that houses the fireplace. It can either be added to the exterior of the home as a mini chase or installed into the living space as an interior chase. The gas fireplace does not require the installation of a chimney or a vent; it incorporates air-movement channels that maximize the warmth supplied to the house, giving off both radiant heat that provides an experience just as the natural fireplace.


The gas models generally give high efficiency of heat. Along with the pleasure of watching the flames dance, it emits no smoke and vents its waste gases outside through a tube in the wall, thus, requires very little maintenance. It consists of incombustible logs covering the gas vent and the fire burns behind glass doors.

Electric Fireplace

This is another cost-effective type of fireplace. The electric fireplace gives the feel of the real fireplace, but it is a faux fireplace that comes in styles that fit into modern or traditional settings. They are either providing warmth or just the fake look of a fireplace but not both. The fake electric fireplace is cost-effective to build and easy to install. It doesn’t need wood or gas holdups and you can plug in anywhere and enjoy the heat and fire. They are available in various models and designs like an electric mantel fireplace, entertainment centers, and electric fireplace TV stands. The good thing about the electric fireplace is that they don’t consume fuel and they don’t produce smoke. They use less energy and they can produce a wide variety of visual effects. Most electric fireplaces have a contemporary design, sometimes the flame and ember bed are designed with modern or futuristic effects. But you can still find some with the more traditional yellow flame effects with faux logs.

Ethanol Burning Fireplace

This is not very popular when compared to the aforementioned fireplaces. However, they are stylish. It burns ethanol and can be easy to install too. You can either get a wall-mounted or tabletop unit. There is also a fireplace conversion kit available in the market that allows you to convert a wood or gas burning fireplace to ethanol.


It is important that you know the types of fireplaces that exist and consider which will be the most suitable for you. Your style and your unique requirement can be challenging, but it is always going to be a cool investment and it will always add warmth and aesthetics to your home.