How To Ensure The Best Vaping Routine Ever

Vaping is real fun if you have some experience with e-cigarettes. But, if you are a beginner or have still not got used to them, things can get a bit annoying as you try to figure out a vaping routine for yourself. The following guide can help you maintain a vaping routine suitable to your needs and desires.

Why vaping?

Vaping is gaining popularity over the years as more and more people are swapping it with cigarette smoking, and why not? It's fun, convenient, and entertaining. If you wish to quit smoking but can't because it has now become an addiction, then vaping is for you.


Vaping is much safer than regular cigarettes, so much so that if a chain smoker switches to vaping, he can notice the difference in his body in just 8 hours as his blood gets filled with pure and refreshing oxygen. Vaping saves you from about seven thousand chemicals, mostly toxic, that you inhale with every tobacco-containing cigarette. And one can not refrain from trying the wonderful variety of robust flavors that the e-liquids are available in. If you are looking for some suitable e-cigarette devices and liquids, then check out a reputable vape shop online to get a fantastic variety of products to savor your taste buds and consciousness.  

Why is it essential to maintain a vaping routine?

Since a vaporizer is not a cigarette, you have to get used to it to enjoy those delicious nicotine vapors. A routine thus gets very helpful to bring e-cigarettes into your lifestyle. There are certain do's and don'ts that come associated in the world of vaping. If you don't follow them, you are going to end up spoiling your vaping experience.


Also, it becomes even more vital for you to maintain a routine if you have just quit smoking because if you don't enjoy vaping, you will want to get back to regular cigarette smoking that is, as mentioned above, very harmful for your precious human body. 

The best vaping routine

  • The accurate dosage

Different e-liquids have different concentrations of nicotine that are not suitable for all smokers. You have to gradually figure out the strength that you want and purchase only those liquids because too much nicotine will cause nausea and headache, while too little nicotine will leave you feeling unsatisfied. 


If you are a heavy smoker, that is, you smoke more than twenty cigarettes each day, then you should ask for e-liquids with 18 mg nicotine, and if you smoke less than twenty cigs a day, you should purchase 12 mg nicotine for yourself. However, if you are a light smoker smoking less than ten cigarettes per day, you can go for 3 mg liquids. Also, if you don't want to consume nicotine, you can avail of 0 mg electronic liquids. 

  • The best time

Although the choice and strength of e-liquids matters the most and plays a more critical role in enhancing your vaping experience, the time at which you vape also matters. To get the best of your e-cig vaping experience, you must find the best time to vape. The time when you are at peace. Some people enjoy a cig just after they wake up every morning with their cup of morning coffee, while some wish to have that vaping session after their dinner. 


People also have a specific choice of flavors during certain hours of the day. For example, some prefer subtle and light flavors like coffee in the morning and a comparatively more robust flavor during the day or night time. Also, people opt for less powerful e-cig devices for smoking during bedtime as they don't make too much noise. On the other hand, powerful and heavy devices produce more smoke and thus are a choice during the nighttime, but they also produce loud battery noise. 

  • Foods to avoid 

Although everyone has a different taste, there are a few things that you should avoid consuming before or during vaping, as the mixing of these flavors can spoil your palate. Anything spicy like tabasco sauce and oily foods can make your vapor taste awful. Also, intense flavors like menthol and mint tend to inhabit your taste buds and thus totally ruin your vaping experience.